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Bryan is a video producer from Chapel Hill, NC. When he isn’t playing in his band, Supreme Fiction, or performing stand-up comedy, he is usually watching TV. He thinks that Louie is the best comedy on TV and maybe the best thing he’s ever watched. He is increasingly frustrated with his friends that haven’t watched Breaking Bad because he wants to talk about it as much as possible. He also screams at his TV when Duke basketball games are on, deeply believing that it might help them win.
Daniel once viewed six-and-a-half seasons of Smallville in under two weeks, and he has never fully recovered his sanity.  His top five least favorite TV theme songs on shows he likes, non-Aaron Sorkin Division, are: 1. Firefly; 2. The Office (UK); 3. New Girl; 4. Veronica Mars; 5. That jazzy stuff in the Homeland credits. He enjoys Orange Lazarus-induced brain freezes, mediocre adaptations of moralistic 19th-century British novels, and things that are hard-boiled.
Erinn is a lifelong television enthusiast, from The Cosby Show to her latest discovery, Revenge. From smart comedies like Community to dark genius like Dexter, she loves watching, talking about, and now blogging about TV. Her passion for television is rivaled only by her delight in going to the movies, especially sneaking out for a weekday matinee.
John is just a guy who can’t figure out a way to get paid to watch TV, and thus must keep his day job. His television addiction began as an impressionable youth watching The A-Team and Dukes of Hazzard – and he still can’t pass up a syndicated episode of either show. His current small screen obsessions include Community, Dexter, Breaking Bad, and Revenge. He’s excited to join The Moth Chase and looking forward to blogging The Mindy Project this fall!
Martin is a philosopher by training and occupation. His favorite TV show of all time (including, he suspects all possible future time) is The Wire. His favorite blogging moments here have been covering Treme and Dollhouse. He is convinced that Joss Whedon needs to butch up and do a show with HBO.
Travis had the good fortune to be doing his graduate theological studies while television was entering its post-Sopranos golden age, and he’s been following TV culture ever since. As a scholar, he has a particular fascination with mysticism; as a TV viewer and blogger, with science fiction. He suspects those two things might have something to do with each other. Travis teaches theology and history at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, where he lives with his family.

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November 6, 2012 at 1:33 pm

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