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What Happened to ‘Safe is Good’?

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Hey Kathryn,

I’m titling this post with Caroline’s overly pointed question, “What happened to ‘Safe is Good’?” because while she asked it in the context of April’s dress, it was obviously meant to refer to Elena’s choices in men. Stefan has always been the ‘safe’ choice for Elena, while Damon embodies bad boy danger. And so watching the (almost hot?) sex scene unfold as Caroline pieced it all together was pretty fun. What this final revelation of Elena’s siring to Damon lifted up for me, though, was the theme of subconsciousness, instinct and sublimation that had been playing out through the whole episode – the idea that there is a real self, and enduring self, that exists somewhere beyond and untouched or unshaped by the self that acts or the self that lives in this moment. This came out especially with Matt’s explanation of the hunter instinct: something in Jer’s subconscious (presumed not to be the ‘real him’) pushes and pushes (in dreams, in nightmares, in fantasies) until it creates a basic instinct to kill. But if it’s coming from the subconscious, how can we say it’s not him? How can we imagine there’s some pure, non-hunter Jer we need to hold on to? Is this about Read the rest of this entry »

I’ll tell you one thing that always lasts forever…herpes.

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This episode offers a more sustained reflection on a theme, that of impermanence/permanence, than other episodes have featured. The subject is explored in two related storylines involving Mindy. The first concerns Mindy’s 15-year-old neighbor Sophia, who Mindy still thinks of as a little girl she should take doll shopping, but who has grown into a teen interested in beginning a sexual relationship. The second concerns Read the rest of this entry »

Death has always calmed me

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I don’t know about the two of you, but I’d watch a spin-off series Dex and Isaak (One believed in love. One believed in reason. Their love of killing defied reason). Watching their game of cat and mouse turn into some strange mentoring session was a reminder of how little the show has played with themes of friendship since Dex killed off Miguel. Dex has pondered quite often what it would mean to have a different father, and has sought out other father-figures (Trinity), but maybe what he needs is good old fashioned friend who can call him on his bullshit and push him to grow. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 27, 2012 at 12:45 pm

It’s Over Now

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Hi all,

Mid-season finale next week – oh no! Well, that’s testimony to how much I’m actually enjoying this season. As that musical heartbeat pound finished out this episode, and the Gov. pulled a willing Andrea into the type of embrace Maggie had resisted just moments ago, I found myself getting excited not only for what is to come, but for all the twists, turns and stories we’ve had so far too. We’ve got so much hanging – who are all those other names on the Gov’s creepy diary list, and just what’s up with the pen strokes ///////. Where’s he hiding his zombie kid? Just who was on the phone to Rick – um, ok, that one’s a little Lost-style annoying alterna-universe, but I’m hopeful it will end up as something more interesting (Rick unraveling, perhaps, or…?). And how touching was that scene with Carol’s return – I didn’t realize I cared that much…even as it kind of felt like it was for Michonne’s benefit. Nevertheless, I found myself misting up a little. A few thoughts on this episode: Read the rest of this entry »

I’m not saying you’re a mess… but I’m not saying you’re not

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After last week’s exceptional episode of The Mindy Project, I really had high hopes that the show was starting to turn the corner. They dealt with interesting and somewhat edgy issues in a really funny way. The content this week was interesting and had potential Read the rest of this entry »

Love Defies Reason

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Hello Moth Chase readers,

Kathryn and Natalie are unavailable to write about this week’s episode of Dexter, so I am going to experiment with something new. I will be writing this blog in real time as I watch the episode. It will be sort of like “live-tweeting” except taking place after the episode premieres and on a blog and probably a lot different. So, welcome to a glimpse of my brain. I will edit the writing for content and grammar, but it will be pretty raw. So, here goes: Read the rest of this entry »

My name just came out of your mouth

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As the show is entering the middle third of the season, Parks and Rec is setting itself up for a new set of plot lines. Our main story looks like it will be following Leslie, April, and Ann’s attempt to keep Poncho Burger off of Lot 48. Our new side stories will be Ben struggling between having a steady and financially stable job and doing something that is more interesting. And we all know that your job isn’t interesting at all unless there is an A&E show about it. This story will take us along with Tom as he tries to run Rent-A-Swag. Also, Andy will become a security officer at town hall. Read the rest of this entry »