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A Pause in the Chase

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Dear Moth Chase Readers,

Thank you for your faithful readership over these almost 2 years. We didn’t really believe anyone besides our mothers would read us, much less that so many of you would join in our conversations. This blog has seen us through several major transitions in our lives – a baby, a dissertation, new jobs, new homes. In fact, we’re both in the throes of moves right now – to a new apartment and a return to full-time dissertation writing in Astoria, Queens for Kathryn and a new apartment, new city, and new job in Toronto for Natalie. While summers are not nearly the dead season for TV they used to be, between unpacking and exploring new neighborhoods and cities, we are seizing the somewhat slower TV pace to take a break from regular posting. We’ll be talking, thinking, and scheming about the next incarnation of the Moth Chase and we’ll be back to let you know what is on the docket in the fall.

If you are interested in being notified when we are posting regularly again, we encourage you to subscribe to the blog.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, wherever it finds you, and may it be full of wonderful procrastanalysis!

Natalie and Kathryn

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July 23, 2011 at 5:37 pm

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Will take me to Philadelphia with you, please?

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Dear K,

I lost count of how many times I cried in this finale! This whole series, from start to finish, has offered us image after image of redemptions great and small. If there’s a core ethos to FNL, I think it’s that of redemption. Life can suck; people can be mean; things are going to be tough – but there’s always redemption in the end, even as that redemption is tainted by all the muck it’s redeeming. It’s that deep and true picture of what it is to be redeemed that makes this show so great. And as the most painful aspect of the show for me to watch is probably the ongoing patriarchal – yet true, and complex and still somehow beautiful – structure that governs the world in which these characters live, this last episode brought a new glimmer of redemption to the whole thing. It was Tammy’s turn. And in the end, Eric got that. And finally we had a little hope for Tammy, Tyra, Becky, even Julie, and all the ladies we’ve seen caught up in the craziness of the football machine.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Dear Natalie,

One more episode to go and once again we are headed to state! I love that we have come around to this moment. I also kind of like that this episode took us through the full play off slate in one go. It is true that the actual football is taking a back seat to make more room for the personal stories, but those stories are holding me so close. The heart of this episode was the two women you paired together last week: Tammy and Becky. Read the rest of this entry »