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Blue is Our Brand

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Hi friends,

Sorry I didn’t get the chance to join the conversation last week, but to extend it, I’d like to pick up on one of Bryan’s points – that Walt has always had his meth cooking skills to fall back on and, without them, he’s left quite vulnerable. For all the incredible action and plot movement twists and gasp-out-loud moments this week, I think this simple point remains at the core of the current narrative: Walt’s the only one who can make the meth blue…it’s the perfectly simple truth that he is never going to escape his own creation.

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Emergency Response

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Parks and Rec - S05E13


This week was a great example of how Parks and Rec is able to simply look around at the gigantic world they have built and put the characters together in new situations and combinations and just let it be funny. For example, Ron being on Pawnee Today “with” Joan Callamezzo. Or, you can simply put Leslie and Jamm in the same room and add Matt Walsh as a Matt Walsh style, impotent emergency planner named Leonard and enjoy. We’ve talked before about how expansive Pawnee is and how wonderful that is. I think this episode shows that the show could almost self sustain with it’s great characters for another few seasons. While that seems completely unlikely given the show’s subpar ratings and what seems to be the end of an era at NBC with 30 Rock now over and The Office coming to a close this season, it does make me wonder if this show would be able to last for several more seasons at a high level. Read the rest of this entry »