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Article Two/Jerry’s Retirement

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Parks and Rec S05E19


The closer we get to the end of this season and potentially the end of the series, the more sad I am about what we will be losing as an audience. Parks and Rec’s ability to get basically all of my favorite comics on the show is something that will definitely be hard to see go. We get to see Aziz every week. We got to spend a few weeks with Louis C.K. playing the dopey cop who is in love with Leslie, and now we got to see Patton Oswalt play the history-loving, filibustering citizen who can churn butter (Andy’s favorite food!) as well as anyone. As the show is able to expand and add more and more characters to the Pawnee world, it is able to lean less on the tropes that have been built around the main characters (even though those tropes are awesome and hilarious). Read the rest of this entry »

The Ice Clown

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Parks and Rec S05E17

Ben Wyatt, feeding the eagle


Thanks to the NCAA Tournament, NBC postponed new episodes of Parks and Recreation for two weeks. I am not complaining because the NCAA Tournament is probably my favorite event of the year. However, taking time away from the show after it had been on a solid roll with the wedding episodes seemed to suck a little energy out of this episode. My initial impression was that it was “OK,” but I think that it would have been better in a Netflix style binge watching (Arrested Development! Sorry, I couldn’t resist). Read the rest of this entry »

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April 6, 2013 at 4:39 pm

Leslie and Ben/Correspondents’ Lunch

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leslie and ben


In what’s becoming an increasingly common sitcom practice, “Leslie and Ben” was written as a potential finale for Parks and Recreation, in case the show didn’t get picked up for a back 9 this season.  It’s not the first time Parks has been on the chopping block — the finales for Seasons 3 and 4 were both consciously calibrated to provide a sense of resolution while still leaving some loose ends open for possible future episodes — and all that practice at walking the line resulted in another stellar pseudo-finale in “Leslie and Ben,” an episode that wraps up our major Season 5 storylines up to this point, puts a ribbon on them, and celebrates with a drunken singalong.  As series-enders go, you could do a lot worse than the first half of this week’s double serving of Knope & co. Read the rest of this entry »

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February 23, 2013 at 2:40 pm

Emergency Response

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Parks and Rec - S05E13


This week was a great example of how Parks and Rec is able to simply look around at the gigantic world they have built and put the characters together in new situations and combinations and just let it be funny. For example, Ron being on Pawnee Today “with” Joan Callamezzo. Or, you can simply put Leslie and Jamm in the same room and add Matt Walsh as a Matt Walsh style, impotent emergency planner named Leonard and enjoy. We’ve talked before about how expansive Pawnee is and how wonderful that is. I think this episode shows that the show could almost self sustain with it’s great characters for another few seasons. While that seems completely unlikely given the show’s subpar ratings and what seems to be the end of an era at NBC with 30 Rock now over and The Office coming to a close this season, it does make me wonder if this show would be able to last for several more seasons at a high level. Read the rest of this entry »

Equal Gender Employment Commission

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Parks and Rec - S05E11


We’ve talked before about Parks and Rec’s ability to handle political topics with grace, and this episode was no exception. This week, they brought up and handled the topic of gender inequality in politics. And, it was pretty hilariously done. On a larger scale, this episode was about generation gaps. Leslie and April had to fight against an older, male dominated mindset in government, specifically the sanitation department, which we all know is the smelly glue that holds the city together. Ron and Ann struggle to deal with Diane’s daughters and how to relate to them. Similarly, Tom wants to learn how to deal with his customers. And Chris is trying to understand how Shauna Malwae-Tweep is defining their “personal relationship.” Read the rest of this entry »

Beer and Board Games

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Parks and Rec - S05E10 Toast


So this episode dove right back into the story, moving the Leslie/Ben marriage storyline along with bachelor and bachelorette parties, and Leslie picks up a new ally in the fight against Paunch Burger (Start Drooling, Fatties!). Overall, it was a very solid episode, but I loved the group bachelor party so much that, in contrast, the bachelorette party/Wamapoke storyline was a little less exciting to me. I think the highlight of that side of the episode was Ken Hotate making all the white people feel uncomfortable, especially Councilman Jamm. Read the rest of this entry »

Pawnee Commons

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PNR Pawnee Commons

Leslie Knope, Balloon Ben Wyatt, Ben Wyatt, Balloon Leslie Knope


I don’t know about you, but I’m always up for a visit to Eagleton, land of beautiful people, segway tours, and free iPod touches (they’ve probably upgraded to putting iPads in their goody bags by now).  Like Springfield and Shelbyville on The Simpsons, Pawnee and its evil sister city have been bitter rivals since their inception; however — as befitting a community whose founders stole all the money in Pawnee’s bank and ran off to start their own settlement — Eagleton is distinguished by an overwhelming material, cultural, and even geographical* advantage over its neighbor.   Read the rest of this entry »