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Why won’t you just die already?

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Breaking Bad S05E15 Whiskey

Hey friends,

So, that was a change of pace. That episode was pretty much what I assumed it would be: checking in with all of the relevant parties in the aftermath of the fall of Heisenberg. I thought it was pretty beautifully handled. Beautiful in a dark, dark way. The depth of Heisenberg’s fallout was a sad place for everybody involved. Read the rest of this entry »

Ease Back, Man

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Hi friends,

I’m going to try to begin on some positive notes, because I feel like I’ve mostly been complaining about this show this season, and it’s starting to get me down. This episode felt like a little bit of a shuffle to get us in position for the last two that mostly, though not super-wonderfully, worked. It focused in on the relationship between the Gov. and Andrea, and brought in other stories to illuminate that – in other words, it actually tried to tell a coherent story. Yey! Take the oddly placed flashback, for example – if whether or not we hand over Michonne is going to be the central moral question moving forward, then this adds a small textured layer to her character – she knew her walker pack-mules, and they weren’t even human before they turned, making her herself more morally complex and ambiguous. (Those of you who have read the novels, please don’t put spoilers in the comments on who those walkers were…I’d like to see what the show is going to do with that). But the scene also served the central focus – what particularly struck me in that little fireside chat, for example, was Read the rest of this entry »

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March 18, 2013 at 8:09 am