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I’m not sure what’s going on with the show’s schedule right now. In last Tuesday’s episode, Mindy met the pastor, and it seemed like she might see him again. On Thursday’s episode (not sure why they stuck one in there), she went to a club alone and went home with a guy she thought was hitting on her. After finding out he was a prostitute, she tried to “pretty man” him. Then in last night’s episode, she appears to be in a semi-serious relationship with the pastor. The opening scene showed them in bed, with Mindy quizzing the pastor about whether he would kill to avenge her murder. In that hypothetical scenario, she refers to them having children. She later refers to him as her boyfriend. When did they become such an item? It’s weird that the show disappears some guys after one or two seemingly promising dates but throws Mindy into a relationship with this relatively un-promising guy. 

Even so, pastor Casey was a little more watchable in this episode. In his first episode, I found him to be a jerk without a redeeming (pun intended) sense of humor. In this episode, his wit was sharper in a way that reminded me of Josh. Perhaps the writers had that voice on the brain, as this episode brought back Josh and revealed him to have been a cocaine addict and serial cheater while dating Mindy. I’m not sure what the point of that was, except maybe that it was a chance for someone to tell Mindy that she sees what she wants in men and to draw her attention to her chemistry with Danny (well, the chemistry that the viewers can tell the show wants us to see, even if it doesn’t really always come through). 

The writing in this episode struck me as somewhat better than other recent episodes. Nothing actually made me laugh, but a number of lines and bits were clever or at least pleasant, like Danny being dismissive of addictions to things other than hard drugs. Overall, though, the episode underscored that this show still hasn’t figured out what will maximize its funniness. In my view, there are too many shenanigans—prison fights, accidental dates with prostitutes, and conference presentations foiled by too much time in a sweat lodge. The show seems to think those are funny enough scenarios on their own, but without smart writing—including the characters expressing more awareness that they’re in unlikely situations (a la Community)—they’re barely worth watching. 

Perhaps the season still can finish strong, but after what seems like enough time to find its voice, I’m skeptical that The Mindy Project is here to stay. 


Written by emstaley

April 10, 2013 at 1:15 pm

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