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Just Let Her Be Happy

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Hi friends,

So I think this episode was worth watching just to see that Dean costume…it might be the most creepy, creative one we’ve ever had, and I loved it! But black and white pictures and secret amulets aside, the focus of this episode for me really was Britta’s arc. I have felt that the incessant mocking she receives from her friends has gotten a little out of hand lately. And while the use of her name as a synonym for ‘bad’ was funny at first – that little tick has just been used too much (although, Britastrophe was quite funny). I have begun to wonder why Britta sticks around with a boyfriend who seems not to want to be with her and friends who seem to enjoy her presence purely for the purpose of having someone to beat up on. Maybe it’s supposed to be one of the show’s inversions – that the ‘hot blonde’ is the one who gets bullied. But mostly I tend to think it’s gone too far. Putting calm, mature words of truth in Pierce’s mouth for a change (cutting off the another awkward Jeff speech – even though we still had to have Jeff’s text…and what was that about? They can’t just talk face to face?) drew us back from that brink in a lovely way (and I’m no Pierce fan!). For goodness sakes, just let her be happy!

The Abed dating storyline had great potential. I love any deconstruction of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, although I wouldn’t say this was the strongest version of that I’ve ever seen (the water wings were a nice touch, though). Plus Shirley’s date just seemed sweet and, given the pretty cliched references to movies being the devil’s work, didn’t seem all that well rounded and nuanced or interesting. Nevertheless, there was something joyful to watching the “she was there all along but I didn’t see her that way” trope play out, and I hope we get to see Rachel again!

Curious to hear what you guys thoughts…

I thought this episode was nice and cute. Those aren’t the strongest pieces of praise for a show, but it’s the minimum way I’ve been hoping to experience this season. I want it to be fun to watch, and for me, this episode met that criterion. Natalie, I think you’re right that making fun of Britta has gotten out of hand, and I hope this episode provided a climax of her Britta-ing things and of the gang mocking her all the time. After all the grief they’ve given her, it felt right that she would stick all the way with mistaking Sadie B. Hawkins for Susan B. Anthony. Britta’s stubbornness can be frustrating to watch, but in this case I was rooting for her. Sometimes she really is the worst, the buzzkill, but this mistake was just too funny. I even had to look up Sadie B. Hawkins to fully appreciate the mistake (though I did recognize her songs once she showed up). It was heartwarming to see Britta’s dance come together and to see her enjoy it without taking credit for Hawkins actually showing up. Likewise, I enjoyed seeing Pierce do something helpful.

Abed’s implausible two-date scenario also was amusing, acknowledging the tropes it was employing without trying to offer deep commentary. The caricature of the weird girl was spot on, but we didn’t see enough of the other date to get a feel for her. It felt unsatisfying to not see Abed apologize or at least tell her goodnight, despite the lesson about people getting hurt unexpectedly referring to Annie and Shirley. Those dates still were people, and their roles in the episode were just big enough that it felt unfair to not get closure about them. More importantly, though, we’ll need follow up on Rachel, and I hope we do get to see them attempt a normal date.

I felt sorry for Troy in this episode, but not because he was playing the part of supportive boyfriend who fetches ice—because he didn’t get to engage in hijinks with Abed. I don’t think Britta is bringing him down, but the diminished presence of Abed in his life sure would. I hope the show doesn’t conflate the two and pin Troy’s unhappiness on Britta. This episode didn’t quite do that, but it was unfortunate that Troy being supportive of Britta coincided with him not having any fun.

If Troy couldn’t have fun, at least I did!

Written by themothchase

April 5, 2013 at 7:58 am

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