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Vampire Prozac

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Hey Kathryn,

So, I think my favourite moment in this episode was when Klaus shared that he paints BECAUSE painting is a metaphor for control! Who does something because the thing they do can be a metaphor for something true about their way of being in the world? In other words, in what universe does someone do something purely in the interpretive mode of that same act?? Painting can be a metaphor for something within the story – but you don’t do it because it’s a metaphor. Vampire Diaries got just a little too controlling there with how it wanted us to read the narrative…but it was a brilliant moment that summed up this episode for me – here we let the dust settle in a tightly controlled way to recap everything that matters for moving forwards to the end of this season. Overly expositional, painfully repetitive (Elena’s turned off her emotions and now let’s let each person now say how they feel about that three times), with a shuffle around of who is going to be hooking up with whom.

Not that I’m complaining – while I was annoyed by the Salvatore brothers re-narrating what we had just seen in the ‘previously on’ in excruciating detail in the opening scene, I was grateful for Caro’s reminder that the water is full of vervain (something which is surely going to matter later because they said it, like, 4 times in the episode!). In truth, I had forgotten that. I was simply left wondering why a vampire needs to shower at all?? Or, Caro also had to run and do at the cheerleading competition!

I’m almost hesitant to even bring Elena up, simply because she’s so freaking boring. But a few thoughts on this whole ‘no emotion’ thing: So, you don’t need emotions to have fun, apparently. A lack of emotions makes you want to tease people with your sexuality, but not have sex. Without emotions, one is ready to kill anyone, including one’s friends – although, I would think emotions are required to to get one to the killing point…otherwise wouldn’t you just walk away uncaring? Apparently anger isn’t in the Vampire Diaries pantheon of emotions?? Nor is jealously, perhaps – given the little twinge at Caro and Stefan on the dance floor that Elena experienced. So what does that leave us thinking “no emotions” actually signifies?

Mysteries moving forwards – who is Will? Where is Catherine? Who is stealing the blood? What’s with Haley’s birthmark and why has a little moon shaped birthmark never struck her at least as curious and why do we care…seriously, get rid of Haley – she bores me! And finally, when a vampire and werewolf have sex, do they have to be super careful not to inadvertently nip each other? Isn’t that just a little too dangerous?

Kathryn, they’re headed your way! To the city that never sleeps…


Written by themothchase

March 15, 2013 at 8:41 am

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  1. I’d need to examine with you here. Which isn’t one thing I normally do! I get pleasure from reading a submit that can make individuals think. Also, thanks for permitting me to remark


    April 16, 2013 at 5:34 am

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