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You Should Have Killed Me

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Dear Kathryn and Bryan,

Thanks to how much I expect Dexter plotlines to be somewhat incoherent, I just did not see that LaGuerta twist coming. When Estrada was released, I thought, “ugh, how convenient…this show is the WORST sometimes!” But along with Dexter and Hannah, I liked the symmetry of Dexter’s life all falling into place too much to question things. With the hints for next week, it seems Maria is going to close in on Dexter – but whether it will be through her own cunning, or because Hannah turns him in – well, that remains to be seen. Initially, Hannah’s line, “You should have killed me,” felt like a sad little quip – I’d rather be dead than betrayed. But now I wonder if it’s actually a threat. She simply has too much dirt on Dexter and, more to the point, Deb, to be held behind those bars for long! But here’s where I’m actually kind of intrigued – do you guys think Hannah really did poison Debra? Deb seemed pretty insistent that she’d do ANYTHING to keep her brother safe…I guess I kind of wonder if Deb poisoned herself.

I can’t work out the details, but for one thing, it seems insane that she survived that car crash – her car was pretty wrecked. How did she walk away with only a broken wrist? And who really knows the half life of their drugs?! But if Deb did stage it somehow, then Hannah of course knows it – and I wonder if she’ll attack back, not at Dexter (although that’s certainly possible), but at Deb. Is it possible that Deb, having planted evidence against Doakes now, is going to be framed somehow as the Bay Harbor Butcher? She’s certainly tampered with enough evidence by this point to incriminate her…I wonder if it’s Deb who is going to get cooked next week rather than her brother!

Switching gears, how about Estrada’s question to Dexter – who are you gonna be when I’m dead? – intrigued me. We’ve written quite a bit this season about who Dexter is in certain contexts – when with a woman who fully accepts his killing or when killing becomes a choice rather than a compulsion (a theme I was sad to see them abandon so fully this week!), for example. But who is Dexter once he’s fully avenged his mother’s death? I can’t imagine the show is going to do anything that interesting with this question…unless they link it up to the choice one. Nevertheless, I have to wonder if in the end, Estrada had to get away because with his death might come the final death of the Dark Passenger.

Ok, predictions for the finale – I feel like we’re not getting out of this season without either Angel, Jaime or Maria dying, and my money, I think, is on, in order (1) Angel; (2) Maria; (3) Jaime. Here’s why – Angel just has his life together too well at this point. He’s basically the solider about to get shipped home from the front kissing a picture of his pregnant sweetheart. Plus, killing Angel has the added bonus of sticking it to Maria – she’d lose two fraught lovers to murder. But, not having good motive for Angel’s killing, I’d put Maria next…for obvious reasons! But Jaime – she’s the strange one. She is EVERYWHERE! Seriously, Dex and Deb had to take her to the mall for the Santa visit?? They couldn’t handle Harrison by themselves – they needed the babysitter? There has to be a reason this character has gotten so omnipresent…besides looking good in a bikini! I don’t know if Hannah is going to get jealous (although they look pretty happy passing each other the traditional Christmas bowl of celery and tomatoes in the picture above…with the look on Dexter’s face, I wonder if he’s the one who’ll take her out?). Regardless, it remains an utter mystery to me why she is everywhere all the time. Either she’s a relative of the casting director, or she’s biting a bullet in the last episode.

I’m also puzzled as to why we’re keeping the Quinn/stripper storyline alive all the way till the end…perhaps his crooked ways will get the BHB pinned on him? Although I think we wonder if Quinn is going to get a crime pinned on him every season…it seems to be the main purpose for keeping that guy around. The scene with the stripper telling him about his good-bye letter was pretty hilarious, though. Didn’t she have a lovely necklace 🙂

Any predictions from you guys?

This conclusion is hanging from your ass,


It is so nice to back in the Dexter fray after a week away. And I thought this episode was pretty fantastic, for Dexter standards. Even if Dexter did ramble on about the future too much, at least those reflections paralleled some interesting action that very much relates to whether or not Dexter will have a future. And yes, Natalie, I was completely surprised by the LaGuerta set-up. I have to admit that I pretty much agreed with Matthews – Maria is not a natural born investigator and I did not see her having the moxie to dangle Dexter’s ideal murder victim from a (deep sea?) hook with the hopes of baiting him. Oh how she proved Matthews (and me) wrong!

Predictions feel even more elusive to me than the BHB to Maria! Partially, I think, because Maria’s end game is arresting Dexter and that has never seemed like a real option for this show. I know the threat of arrest is part of what Dexter fears most, but whether or how Dexter would survive the rule of law doesn’t seem like it would make for good television. And once accused of being a serial killer, where does Dexter go from there? So if Dexter won’t actually be arrested, I can’t see how Maria can survive in tact. Perhaps Dexter will kill her, thereby proving he really has let go of his Dark Passenger and The Code and taken his own self-preservation and love of killing into his own hands. But I am more intrigued by the idea that this investigation will unhinge her. Maybe I have too much Homeland on the brain, but Maria seems like she is slowly being driven mad by her own certainty. Given what Maria knows and what she suspects, how could she not see all signs pointing to Dexter? But no one around her will validate her suspicions or take her “evidence” seriously. Her breakdown with Matthews in the marina and that strange conversation with Angel suggest to me a woman who is going to lose her mind to her rightful convictions. I see what you are saying about Jamie and Angel, Natalie, and they both do seemed primed to be disposed of – but I’m going to put my money on Maria being the major victim/fallout in one way or another.

Besides, Hannah of course. Her death seems most likely, since she does indeed know too much to simply be shipped off to prison. I suppose it is possible that she will bargain for her release and then skip town, disappearing into the ether of Dexter’s past lovers. And actually, Natalie, I do think that Deb poisoned herself. I think she really meant it when she said she’d do anything to keep Hannah and Dexter apart and she is the one who plants the idea that Hannah poisoned her. We’ve speculated that this season might end with Deb and Dex realizing that they are each really all the other has left – all other lovers and parents dead or abandoned. I had originally thought this might be a beautiful thing – an affirmation of the strange sibling love they share bonded through traumas and bad parenting. But it might turn out more to mean they are stuck with each other – bound by lies, deceit and murder to keeping each other secrets.

Quinn, on the other hand, I have no idea what is happening there. I will probably shoot myself in the arm if they try to pin the BHB on someone else, and so I don’t buy that Quinn will take the fall for that. But why they keep circling around the Nadia plotline is beyond me.

Bryan, other predictions? A general take-down of the episode?

The happiest time of the year is all a lie,



So, I’m glad that both of you didn’t see the LaGuerta twist either. I was pretty disappointed in myself for not seeing it.

Maybe it is just my negative outlook on the show, but I’m really worried that the finale is going to be really disappointing. I wouldn’t be surprised (terribly disappointed but not surprised) if they do something awful like pin the Bay Harbor Butcher on Quinn. Nadia is missing, maybe she has been killed and that gets pinned on Quinn; dammit, I hope that’s not it.

Like both of you, I found the LaGuerta storyline exciting. It seems to be getting back to old style Dexter that is fun and heart-pounding (like the Thanksgiving episode of season 4 with Trinity). However, like season 5, it seems way too unrealistic that Dexter doesn’t get caught. While it’s circumstantial evidence, the Estrada thing in the storage unit seems to point at Dexter and only Dexter. Who else would want to murder Estrada with plastic and a chainsaw in a storage unti?

Natalie, I think your predictions are really interesting. I don’t think they are going to kill Jamie. My feeling on why she is always around is that she is a convenient way to get Harrison out of the way. Would Dexter and Deb have a conversation about the Bay Harbor Butcher if they were the ones directly taking care of Harrison at the Santa visit? Also, they need to have Jamie at dinner on Christmas so that she can babysit while Dexter goes to get Estrada. It is ridiculous how much they stretch things to keep her around though. She stays at Dexter’s for Christmas to avoid watching Angel cook a pig. This is already a pretty bullshit reason that she wouldn’t want to be with her family. Also, SHE COOKS A HUGE PIECE OF MEAT FOR DINNER! Look at the picture at the top of the post!

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Angel dies. You are totally right about him Natalie. All we need is for him to literally have the winning lottery ticket in his pocket before he gets killed. But, the most likely main character to die has to be LaGuerta, right? How could she work with Dexter after becoming this convinced of his guilt?

I also thought Deb might have poisoned herself, as well. If so, it won’t be one of the most subtle tricks the show has pulled, but at least one that has some payoff. Do you think there is any chance that Deb will die? That would be a mega-cliffhanger to retain the audience for the last season (season 8 is supposed to be the last, right?). She could also be pinned as the Bay Harbor Butcher (that’s why she is attracted to serial killers, people who chase serial killers, and people who get caught by serial killers. Also, she could have access to Dexter’s boat, etc). I don’t see this happening because it seems like too much of a leap that Dexter would let Deb go to jail, but maybe Hannah kills Deb and posthumously, Deb gets named the Bay Harbor Butcher.

I guess it’s good that we are interested enough to guess. Despite this season’s increasing flaws, it is more exciting than the past two seasons. Hopefully, they don’t screw it all up next week.

I think she’s had one too many Mosquitos (or whatever they call those drinks),

Written by themothchase

December 10, 2012 at 8:03 pm

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