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Love Defies Reason

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Hello Moth Chase readers,

Kathryn and Natalie are unavailable to write about this week’s episode of Dexter, so I am going to experiment with something new. I will be writing this blog in real time as I watch the episode. It will be sort of like “live-tweeting” except taking place after the episode premieres and on a blog and probably a lot different. So, welcome to a glimpse of my brain. I will edit the writing for content and grammar, but it will be pretty raw. So, here goes:

Dexter can’t tell if Deb asking him to kill somebody was just a fantasy or not.

Dexter has no idea how to dice things. Is it poison? My sister is a lieutenant. Didn’t mention that. “I always eat breakfast. It’s important.”

If this shit just turns into a love triangle shit storm, I’m gonna be pissed. This is setting up to be a Jack/Kate/Sawyer or Rick/Shane/Lori kind of crap. Digital recorders must be really easy to cue up to the right point because every TV show/movie starts it at the right moment.

I think when they use old pieces like Astor sending Dexter a text message almost makes it worse about how the just write them out.

Boom! Isaak look-alike! The hunt is on!

Harry’s got some sass with the donut jokes.

Tonight on Dexter: his phone vibrates a lot! Did that donut shop really look like a place that has “gang kids” shooting around it all the time.

Deb is suddenly really cool with the idea of Dexter killing Isaak and Hannah. This is the worst type of Dexter logic.

Speaking of Dexter logic: Well, we can just distract Debra with those kids we haven’t talked about or shown in over a season! Just say kidney stones or something. That makes sense!

You know that Laguerta is sincere when she uses her accent.

Hannah doesn’t know why she cares so much about what Deb thinks. It’s the jealousy Hannah! The jealousy!

American mafia man is staging a coup. Dexter over explaining things: Miami metro doesn’t really know where Isaak is. Remember? From 5 minutes ago when we told you that?

I didn’t miss Astor and Cody at all.

Serious point: Dexter killing that other hitman doesn’t really fit into his code, and it has to say something about his need to actually kill.

Less serious note: Halfsies is one of my favorite words.

Laguerta is honing in on Dexter. I almost expected the Law and Order “Bong bong.”

“Dexter, check out my Angry Birds score.” Hey look! We are on top of pop-culture! You know kids and their burping and potting around. How can you deal with them? Amirite?

Astor: Ok, I get it. Pot is evil. Are we done? – That’s actually a really good line.

Heavy-handed but on point: Dexter’s family doesn’t satisfy him. He needs something else like Hannah and murder. Is he going to get Hannah to come along with him for the Isaak murder?

“I’ve never been able to talk to someone about my kills before. Not like this.” Actually, you have Dexter. Her name was Lumen, and it wasn’t a long time ago.

Did Dexter just skip out on a kill to get laid? That would be a first.

Again, digital recordings are so easy to skip to the right point.

Isaak’s bodyguard speaks! And English too! That makes sense given the way they’ve built the character so far.

“Kill you later, Isaak!” Boom! Dexter dropping those sick slams.

Astor: “It’s like there’s no place I actually belong.” If they don’t keep bringing that up, it could be a good line. Dexter explaining Harry’s influence and his potentially damaging effects was nice. That interaction between Dexter and Astor was surprisingly well done.

Seriously, Hannah doesn’t own any shirts that are opaque.

How awesome would it be if Hannah was just like, “Oh…you’ve got kids…well, maybe we should just not see each other anymore.”

God, there is no subtlety with Dexter and Hannah.

Hannah, “Enjoy your time with them.” Is that a vague threat? Like, enjoy your time with them because it won’t be long.

How does Deb know what Hannah’s key ring looks like?

Deb just said it. I’m glad they didn’t try to dance around that anymore because it already was getting old.

We will see how that goes. It could be pretty shitty.

Isaak is at a gay bar. They actually make the reveal about Isaak being gay (good call Natalie). I’m glad they didn’t keep foreshadowing it.

Isaak’s talk about love has been some of the least over exaggerated language the show has used about a topic as broad as “love.”

While still being somewhat over dramatic, this was one of the best “wrap-it-up” style montages to end an episode in a long time. Good work Dexter.

Alright, if anyone is still reading this jumbled set of thoughts, thanks for sticking with it.

Next week, we will return to a more normal format.

What’s a booty call?

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