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One of the Five?

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Dear Kathryn,

Well, I suppose the big mystery of the evening is: who are these 5? And why does the hunter not even know he’s one of them? It looks like next week is going to have some historical flashbacks – so perhaps we’ll see an origin story that connects these hunters to the creation of the originals? Aren’t there 5 originals? Is there a hunter for each original? Lots of questions, but not a whole lot of answers. In fact, despite the explosions and revelations, it seems this episode was really all about a big relationship shuffle with a little filler.

When Caroline thanked Stefan for getting her through her transition and later offered him her help, saying that she would be there for him whenever he needed it, it felt like there was a little heat between them – so with the immediate entry of Tyler’s Appalachian friend and Elena’s Damon fantasies, it seems to me that we’re moving all these kids around into some new pairings. Aside from the fun of mixing things up, though, I’m not entirely sure what such a shuffle will achieve? This feels a bit like Gossip Girl all of a sudden, with a bunch of partner switching that happens just to keep the story moving along – I’m hopeful there’s something more here.

The reason I don’t have a tonne of faith in that, however, is because this episode felt like a lot of filler. What are the repercussions of the werewolf venom poisoning, for example? Will drinking Klaus’ blood have some long term effect on Elena? Or was that just another little story to keep things moving?

And once again, we had some “hot vampire sex” that wasn’t all that hot. We also had the the lamest kegstand ever. And we had an extremely strange motorcycle ride through the country.

I continue to be utterly bored by watching Elena come nowhere close to losing control (um, where did Damon even come from to save Matt there at the end?). I think I’m going to need things to pick up some by next week…but at least we’ll have the Halloween episode. That’s promising, right?

Curious to know what you thought?

You should write a book…go on The View –

Agreed. Not a particularly energizing episode, though hopefully a set-up for future hijinks related to ancient supernatural hunters, Originals, and maybe some action on the Elena’s a vampire front. There is real potential in the whole “5” business, though I am guessing they have a bigger role to play in this mythology than simply hunting vampires, since Klaus wants to keep him alive. My guess is there is some mystic connection between the Five and the doppelganger, since learning about the hunter’s real identity suddenly made Klaus eager to keep Elena, even in her vampire state, alive. For the record, I think there are 6-7 Originals (depending on if you think Alaric became an Original when he was turned vampire)…

Let’s hope this plot goes somewhere because, like you, I am completely bored by Elena the vampire. I’ve been pretty bored by Elena the human too, but the fact that she inspires no sense of menace, loss of control, or even much real conflict in her vampiric state is disappointing to the extreme. I think a huge problem is the fact that she chose Stefan. They’ve always a been a vanilla couple, both only coming to life when they get out of each others reach. But now that it is clear that Stefan has major addiction issues – not able to even enjoy Elena’s bike stunts without worrying about ripping throats out all around him – he needs to step out of the way. I wonder if learning how to be a vampire from Damon will finally shake Elena into awareness that these vampiric desires are wrapped up with other desires. If Stefan’s bloodlust translates into all other areas of his life, why wouldn’t Elena’s?

On a related subject, what did you make of the conversation between Stefan and Caroline about how being a vampire allowed her to come into her own? Is it just me, or is this a new way of talking, representing the subtle shift where “vampire” is more a metaphor for “true self” than “evil urges” or “undead angst?” If so, it raises the question of our poor ordinary characters – Matt especially, Jeremy to a lesser degree (since he has some supernatural thing going on), and April: do they ever stand a chance of becoming “true selves” if they remain mired in simply humanity?

Speaking of characters, where the hell is Bonnie? Is it just me, or is she the character that just disappears without explanation the most frequently?

Bring on Halloween!



Written by themothchase

October 25, 2012 at 8:40 pm

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