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TV is back!

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Leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are dropping, and TV is coming back! OK, so technically TV didn’t go anywhere, but after the mid-season finale to Breaking Bad there’s been a little lull in the TV that keeps us up all night. But a whole slew of great TV is getting ready to gear up soon and we’re going to cover our own little slice of it. Below you can see two new bloggers to the site, John and Erinn, have started a conversation around The Mindy Project. Next week, Natalie, Kathryn, and Bryan will pick up Dexter (we’ll always post on Tuesdays, so catch us then). And in mid-October, Kathryn and Natalie will dive back into The Vampire Diaries (I mean, after the conclusion last season we just can’t turn away) and we’ll revive our roundtable conversation on The Walking Dead. Martin may also post occasionally on the third season of Treme. So check back in the coming days and weeks and join in the conversations.

thanks for reading!
Kathryn and Natalie

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September 28, 2012 at 8:27 am

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