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Hey Kathryn,

So this episode felt like there was a bunch of setting up future events in it. Not that there weren’t things happening, but it seemed primarily about characters preparing themselves for what is coming next. This seems to be fairly typical for HBO shows as they near the end of a season (it’s crazy that we have only 2 episodes left right?).

Let’s start with our gambling buddies: Jerry is somehow starting some sort of relationship or something with this very attractive poker dealer/player. It is absurd how much more attractive she is than him, right? What could she possibly see in his addicted, gaunt-faced life? Besides a recent lucky streak, he doesn’t really seem like relationship material. But, maybe she is just as emotionally damaged as he is. Or, this is TV and guys always are able to attain more attractive women.

Also, Lonnie was a fairly sad moment for him. It was interesting to watch Marcus do his typical berating while Renzo was so supportive of everything for Lonnie. When Renzo was reading the brochure for the retirement meadows place was beautiful.

For Jo and Turo, it seemed like a pretty obvious thing to do to bring a kid around for Jo to almost test Turo and his potential parenting skills. However, it was still really good. It was nice to see a softer side of Turo as he wanted to help that kid out in some way. I wonder if they will bring that kid back or if they will just use him for this one episode as a test for Jo. Turo’s response to Jo telling him about the baby wasn’t quite nice or romantic, but it was in a Turo kind of way (who’s the papa?). Turo’s defense mechanisms would not let him show happiness in any out right way, but his sarcastic humor was his acceptance of the situation. Seeing this side of him and knowing that a responsibility like fatherhood is something that he won’t run away from makes it seem like the two of them have potential for some sort of a future. I don’t want to get into the “next week on Luck” stuff, but things do not look good for Jo and the baby. I wonder how a potential disaster will effect Turo.

Next is poor Rosie. I wonder if Ronnie would still have gotten the mount even if Rosie hadn’t used her stick last week. It seems like Walter is just stuck on using Ronnie because he is a man and from Kentucky, even though he is an addict who has been sober (or at least he was presenting himself that way) for a few weeks. And on top of it, Rosie had to almost unintentionally sign up for Joey to be her agent. I wonder if that will be a good thing for her or not. Hopefully, Joey is turning a corner in his personal life, and he will also help out his young (an in love) jockeys. I wonder if we will see Joey give Leon preferential treatment due to the fact that he has a penis or not.

I will only spend a little bit of time on the crazy events on the boat. Are we supposed to believe that Nathan died from the second ashtray smash? Even though they had shown that clip on every “later on Luck” of the entire season, I was still shocked at how abrupt it was. The contrast between Mike and Ace continued to grow as Ace gleefully jogged around a track with a horse and Mike beat a man close to or all the way to death. Do you think that Ace will get pulled back into the world that Claire and the horses have been lulling him away from in a peaceful way? Or will he try to take a final stand against Mike and move on into a happier, healthier life?

I am very intrigued to see where all the different stories turn in the next two episodes!


Written by breklis

March 11, 2012 at 9:51 pm

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