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Hello Moth Chase Readers,

As you can see below with the start of the new Sons of Anarchy season, we’re back after a long summer hiatus! Thanks to all of you who faithfully checked the blog and read back posts (it was pretty amazing to see how many folks kept reading even when there wasn’t new content and we’re grateful). Given the busyness of our lives at the moment (new jobs, new cities, etc.) we have decided to streamline our focus this fall. As new seasons gear up, we’ll be focusing our main conversations on Sons of Anarchy (Martin and Travis), Dexter (Natalie and Kathryn), and The Walking Dead (trying a new round table format featuring all four regular posters plus a new guest, Shelly). We’re also going to try a new format of occasional posts on some of the shows we really love but don’t have time to blog weekly. Look for once and a while check ins on Boardwalk Empire and The Vampire Diaries and maybe more. And of course we’ll still cover the occasional movie.

Thanks for reading and let the procrastanalysis continue!

Kathryn and Natalie

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September 22, 2011 at 7:33 am

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