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Can We Have Our Secrets?

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Dear Kathryn,

Seriously, April 7th!?! Didn’t this show just come back about 5 minutes ago?  Argh, I hate these breaks! Ok, well in prep for April 6th, when we’re all going to be trying to remember where things left off, I’m gonna attempt to put in place a recap for our later use. Trust me, we remember all this now – but we’re going to have forgotten a lot of this by April!  So, Bonnie and Jer are now fully hooked up with Elena’s blessing (yey!). Bonnie got her powers back after Luka and Dr. Martin were killed, because Dr. Martin wants Bonnie to kill Klaus, and he told her how to do it. (I still feel like Luka might not be dead – I don’t know. I feel like those burns shouldn’t have killed him so easily.) Like Bonnie, it seems Damon and Stefan have a key piece of info too. Katherine thinks Damon should just know where the witch massacre site is because he stuck pretty close to Emily, but whatever info it is Damon and Stefan have, they got it secretly from a journal. The witch massacre site is drenched in witch power because when witches are killed violently, they release power into the air that lingers (meaning, by extension, Luka’s power is now in either his apartment OR the Salvatore basement – not quite clear – and Dr. Martin’s is in Elena’s bathroom. I’m not sure if that will come back into play later??) Matt now knows Caroline is a vamp because he had to drink her blood to survive the bottle in the neck. He totally freaked out (can you blame him?!) and started making connections back to Viki (aw, I miss Viki!).  Katherine wants Klaus dead, so she’s helping out – but we’re not sure how much to trust her yet. Jenna is pissed at Alaric because he won’t tell her his secrets…and now she’s double pissed because Alaric’s “dead” wife just showed up on her doorstep claiming to be Elena’s mother…which she is. Why is Isobel here, I don’t know? But we do know Isobel and John Gilbert are trying to keep Stefan and Damon away from Elena (don’t know why??) and Katherine was willing to sacrifice Damon to help them do it. It seems we’re going to have a lot of guest stars come the spring!

Oof, I think that’s it! Man I’m pissed – double pissed – that we have to wait to April for the next one!

So I guess the point of this episode is that we shouldn’t keep secrets from the ones we love. But that really left me wondering, really?  I mean, really?! Doesn’t everyone have some stuff they just keep to themselves? Do love and commitment require a complete unpacking of our past to our significant other? Or can we just pledge our present and future to them, and leave the rest up to editing? There seems to be a weird drive going on here among these characters for their lovers to know and understand and be known and understood as “the full me”. It strikes me as exhausting. It’s not that I think every relationship has to have secrets – But I don’t think a blanket, absolute ruling against them is wise either. And I definitely think each of us is entitled to an utterly private, internal life. In my experience, love is – among many other things – giving your lover the space to have that.

That being said, of course Alaric and Caroline have some pretty whopping secrets that really do impinge on their lovers’ lives – and it remains unclear to me why Jenna shouldn’t be told what’s going on…well, besides her crazed immaturity. Really, who goes out with their legal dependent and her friends (yeah, that alone, but also) then starts getting drunk at the bar!?! When she first invited herself along with the girls, I thought – yikes, how pathetic! What adult wants relationship advice from some teenage girls? But then I realized that all three of those teenage girls know more about what’s going on than poor Jenna. I’m not sure what’s sadder – that she’d turn to them for help not knowing what they know, or that they know what they know and she doesn’t.

So, the Caroline at the bar scene was amazing! I loved how open they were with the crap they were pulling there! Sure, she’s singing to her guy, but yeah – that’s a total teenage girl fantasy, for sure, and it’s great that they had her admit that. It’s also fantastic that she had to compel the band to do it! My own teenage rockstar fantasy was totally shaped by that scene in Empire Records when Rene Zellweger gets prompted up to the microphone to break out into her dream of singing in a band…but that just doesn’t happen! I loved how we got the fun of the moment, and the breaking of the cliche all together – perfect!

The ghosty stuff with the witches was truly fantastic – as was Damon’s immediate cluing in to what was going on: “It’s a crazy psychic witch attack! Do something!!” You know I thought the dagger was coming out last week – I didn’t think it was going to require psychic transporting of invisible bodies to do it.

I have two wants now: to know more about Greta and to know more about that fun tablet they were using to purchase pizza…Vampire Diary product placement, I love your total lack of subtlety even more than I love the products you place.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I ask you, why couldn’t they have just had Tyler and Caroline hook up? Hot vampire and werewolf? There is a reason there were 3 Underworld movies! I did find it hilarious that every kid in town knew what was up except Matt, but I did not make the connection that the information would trigger like that about Viki. Of course, Caroline didn’t die until the car accident they were in, but if Matt is allowed to keep those memories, how long before he’s on a vengeance tour against the Salvatore brothers, and how long until he finds out she died a vampire, herself?

    I hope the return of Isobel will bring more antics than the return of John Gilbert did, even if saving Elena is her only goal.


    February 25, 2011 at 11:42 am

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