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Turning Back the Clock

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I think that entire episode would be worth watching just to see Gloria’s amazing shooting skills!  Whenever she runs onscreen, I think her boobs are going to poke my eye out, and I sit 10 full feet away from the screen!  But she’s just so awesome, I pretty much end up overlooking the over-sexualization of her frame, and just enjoy this super hot lady being super amazing.  On what Colombian street did she learn to unbutton a shirt with a gun?  And who taught her to hold it sideways – the kill shot!  I’m sensing Manny’s not the only one who lost his childhood!

I loved Manny’s view of what it is to be a kid – skateboarding and flotation devices, prank calls and mixing sodas together to see what they taste like and, best of all, making one big straw out of three.  Of course, it’s Manny’s little man status that makes us love him so much.  Indeed, this isn’t the first episode in which he’s been the only grown up in a family mess.  But there was something to his grieving of this loss that I found quite sweet – each path we choose in life, no matter how fulfilling, entails the loss of other options.  And the decisions we make that set that course begin in childhood.  It’s just most of us don’t realize it till we’re in our 20s or 30s.  Just another way Manny’s ahead of the game.

In fact, all the competitive, time management, controlling schemes exhibited not only by the Pritchetts, but by all the adults in this episode, probably began in childhood.  Hence, the Pritchett’s familial trend of keeping immaculate time.  And we see where that comes from.  But why is Phil so scared of losing his girls?  And what makes Cam feel that choreography is the worst kind of cheating (I mean, it is – but what makes him think it?).  Both moments show us that it’s the most intimate things that can feel like betrayal – things no one else would ever think were a big deal, but which are because we think the ones we love should know better.  The girls should have known how much Phil loved Family Camp, and Mitchell should have known Cam would have wanted to dance too.  But it also shows us how difficult it is to see the love our lovers have for us when we’re unwilling to learn how to read their “love letters”.  And that’s not just true with Cam’s reactionary response of hurt, but also with Claire’s inability to see that Luke “going with Dad” was a sign of respect, not rejection.

I loved Mitchell’s dance!  The idea of him practicing after work to send his love letter to Cam is so lovely.  No wonder they were able to make up so quickly.  I am, however, hoping for a future episode in which we get to see them both flash mob!

What did you guys think?  How many of you are not itching to be in a flash mob?  What was your favourite line?


Written by themothchase

November 18, 2010 at 8:55 am

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  1. I’d be in a flash mob ANY day!!!

    victoria winters

    November 18, 2010 at 9:10 am

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