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Jack’s Indulgences

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So I absolutely love the idea of Jack purchasing his way into a more powerful Heaven! Especially one that will let him commune from beyond the grave through animals!!  The image made Tracy’s words of wisdom – “if you want to make God laugh, make a plan” – that much more poignant.  Not only did Jack end up unable to control this world from the realm of the next, but he can’t even record the right tapes.  As Tracy has endeavored to have a daughter this and last season (a situation it is difficult to imagine), now we have to imagine Jack doing the same.  How sweet that it’s Liz he needs to turn to for help with this.  If you’re like your mother, you’ll need no advice…otherwise, Lemon.  In a sense, that moment solidified Liz as Jack’s number 2 – not in romance, but in the order to awesome ladies.  She might have an abnormal amount of body hair, but outside of perfection, it seems she’s the best model for womanhood as far as Jack’s concerned.

Indeed, Liz filled out the category of awesome ladies last night as she drew the attention of quite a few menfolk (that’s right – I said menfolk).  Paul Giamatti was looking rough, and that’s saying something!  But he was great – creepy, gross and the perfect embodiment of Liz’s new found sexual lure.  I mean, the guy’s been to Canada.  Twice.  And somewhere he has a waterbed on layaway.  What a catch!

Perhaps it’s Liz’ ability to find love that is most intriguing of all: love in her own way, not with a Japanese companion pillow, someone who impersonates her, a high-powered newscaster, or astronaut Mike Dexter, but with a unique set-up nonetheless.  The absent boyfriend who drops by seems perfect for Liz.  I love that she’s found her own Jeffrey like the Barefoot Contessa (shout out to my sister with whom I share many Jeffrey jokes – we both *loved* our own random, twisted senses of humour projected on our favourite tv lady!).  But will it last?  The whole “touched by a priest, but it’s ok”/”adoption list” count-of-three-admission of last week will surely return.  The idea of Liz (like Jack) needing to grow into a more mature form of romance is pretty intriguing.

What I’m left wondering, though, is how does someone get voted “most”?  Brilliant, Jack…his ability to really think of everything is what makes him so lovely, and will (maybe?) make him an excellent father!

What did you guys think?  Favourite moments?  Best lines?  Best piece of advice from a father to his son?


Written by themothchase

October 1, 2010 at 8:29 am

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