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Here comes the sun

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I am sorry it took me all day to get this post up. It was one of those days where every free moment evaporated like  a three-thousand year old vampire whose fairy blood is wearing off. Yes, let’s go ahead and start there, because that was by far my favorite part of an otherwise overcrowded episode. As much as I hate the thought of it being so, I think this is the end of Russell. But not, I think, of Eric. Not only would that destroy one of the best possible plot developments from the books headed our way next season (mum is the word), but True Blood without Eric? No, I cannot imagine it. My husband and I were debating how it might go down and I have two suggestions: 1) As we learned when Godric met the sun, apparently the older the vampire the less time it takes for the sun to consume you. Therefore, Russell could disintegrate before Eric, leaving him just enough time to hobble inside. 2) Sookie, revived by Bill’s blood (again! Really, it is pretty lame that in the end all Sookie seems to be is blood exchange), will run outside to stake Russell. I’m putting my money on the former, but it would be pretty great to see the latter.

Before I move on to other predictions, let’s take a moment to appreciate two of the most believeable emotional moments of the show for me. The first was Eric standing in the sun, back to the audience in Fangtasia, slowly smoldering, speaking what sounded like a Viking prayer that Russell not see the sun’s effects until it was too late. The idea of Eric praying in any form, all in the name of exacting his familial revenge, was one of the best glimpses into his character we have had, only slightly more telling than his childlike wonder when he dreams that Sookie can smell the Black sea on his skin. The other emotional moment I really believed was Pam’s grief stricken face as she watches Eric turn his back on the camera. More than any amount of flashbacks to their past, I feel like I’ve gotten a sense for their maker/progeny relationship better than any other (though, now that I think about it, wouldn’t you love to know how, why, and when Eric made Pam?).

That is not to say there weren’t other believeable moments. Terry and Arlene were delightful and I loved Arlene’s nearly unrecognizable unmade-up face in her dream (what was she reeling in by the way? Was anyone else scared she was going to pull up a dead corpse or Rene’s moldering head or something like that?). I also completely believed Andy Bellfleur’s scared confession to Tara, and I liked that it seemed like she believed him too, her eyes widening and her face softening as she realized that he actually did wish he could have done something to stop the tragedy with Eggs. The looks of delight on Bill and Sookie’s faces as they imagined their normal life together (of all the lovely images, the one I’d want to see the most is Bill and Jason fishing!) was also quite touching, if laced with sorrow at its impossibility. But there were so many plots that it was just so hard to care about them all. Why, for instance, do we need to be distracted from Jason’s already distracting romance with were-panther Crystal by a quick side trip to the world of high school doping in the age of vampires? What possible purpose will that plot serve, except perhaps to reinforce Jason’s alienation in a growing supernatural world? And what the what is up with Sam? All season we are told to focus on his family of origin and the burden of his sad childhood. What, is Tommy just a red herring now? The real truth is that Sam was a cold blooded killer? And this came back to the surface of his consciousness in an undeniable, irrepressible way because his brother taunted him and a meth dealer called him a pussy? I just don’t understand why, in the penultimate episode, Sam is losing his shit like that. And it feels a bit cheap, since there is no way we are going to deal with it properly.

Then again, I am not sure we are going to deal with a lot properly when this season concludes. Alan Ball has said that next season will focus a lot on witches, so we can trust that Holly, Lafayette, and Jesus will have more time to tie up loose ends. Though if the focus on witches turns out to be anything like the “focus” on werewolves this season, they better get tying, cause they may not have as much time as they think. I can hope that if witches come to the fore that will bring together some of our side plots and give next season a bit more of an arc to hold it all together. It says a lot that I am already looking forward to next season to justify this one. Which is perhaps a bit harsh. I have liked this season. Parts of it I’ve even loved. Until a few episodes I would have said it was the best season yet, and in many ways, I might stand by that.

What do I want in the finale to make that judgment stand? For starters, a little focus. How about we table the witches for now? Give us one scene to leave us hanging for next season and then let’s move on. Then let’s table the were-panther crisis with Crystal. Again, I know one direction this plot may go if they stick with leads from the books, but they need to set that up and move on, or else let it go. Finally, let’s hone in on the Bill-Sookie-Eric triangle and let Bill and Sookie finally have it out. Is Bill trustworthy? At this point, I sincerely hope not, or else this story has no where else to go. Let’s suggest why it matters in any conceivable way that Sookie is a fairy and then either give us something super cool to think about fairies and their promise in future seasons, or drop it for now. You know, we might learn why Sophie-Anne wanted Sookie in the first place and that reason might be really cool and give us something to look forward to now that Russell is really dead.

What about you Moth Chasers? Any predictions for the finale in two weeks? Any hopes or desires?


Written by themothchase

August 30, 2010 at 7:22 pm

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  1. Oh, I would love it if PAM stakes (staked? stook?) Russell and saved Eric. And I agree, I’d love to know how Eric turned Pam.


    August 30, 2010 at 8:10 pm

  2. Regardless of book canon I don’t think they will kill Eric because he is the best character in my opinion.


    August 31, 2010 at 9:47 am

  3. i agree. i hope they really focus on eric-sookie-bill triangle that’s been set up since last season. I find it interesting how much meaner/crueler they have made Eric towards Sookie in this last episode & I hope this only further impacts the scene of Eric running in the woods naked . . . . & what that whole thing will mean to her and eric’s relationship.
    Also, what really bothered me about this episode is that Bill is AGAIN lying and scheming with others to betray/ save her, w/o including her! (Sam/Bill thing last season) Which always seems to deeply wound her/ making her horrified of him and then having him just explain himself away with his puppy dog eyes, again! UGH! Double ugh! if Tara keeps getting ‘supernaturally screwed.’ I really just wish the writing was more even and I feel this is due to the slew of different writers / directors they have. I understand the appeal to having so many minds interpret CH’s but maybe there should just be 3 instead of 12. I really love the episodes AB writers. They are always the best, overtly sexual, bad language etc etc. xo PS The writers did do a good job of tearing Bill down to the fans. Power of the pen!


    August 31, 2010 at 10:05 pm

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