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Where do we go from here?

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I have said this already, but let me reiterate: one of the best things about this season is Denis O’Hare. Russell Edgington is incredible and while I am not sure how he will survive this season without throwing us into some kind of apocalyptic showdown, I will mourn his passing like psychopath Franklin promises to mourn Tara. Let us pause to appreciate that this episode ended with Russell holding a human spine on national television. This, after he wept angry, forlorn tears into the bloody urn of his lover… while wearing a cape. Could there be anything campier?

But high theatrics aside, where does this leave us? Can Nan Flannigan salvage the PR crisis? Is the Great Revelation in jeopardy? My favorite part of this mythology is watching vampires negotiate their lives among humans, and I would hate to see this devolve into open conflict/warfare. The everyday dilemmas of the mainstreaming undead are far more interesting to me than a grand showdown between the two races, with other supes joining sides perhaps. And, I don’t know, perhaps whatever Sookie is acting as the lynchpin in a cosmic battle. I don’t think the show will go there, but the alternative to me seems like a Viking’s revenge for Russell.

The more maniacal Russell becomes, the less I care about the other plots. And this especially in an episode like last night, where I felt like we couldn’t stick with one story for more than 30 seconds. If someone proclaims to know or guess what Sookie is and then pans out leaving us with a shocked or expectant look one more time, I think I will scream. At this point, whatever the revelation they are going to have to work so hard to convince me it is as exciting and important as it seems. Like, “Sookie is the lynchpin in a cosmic battle” kind of important and I’ve already said why I am less than thrilled about that prospect. Come on already – let the cat out of the bag so we can all get on with it.

I guess that was my biggest frustration with the whole episode. We got tiny tidbits that felt more like tying up loose ends (Franklin’s terrifying return, Tara’s reclamation of agency, even if it was to let go of her own life, and then his gory, final demise) or setting us up for yet more plot twists to come (Holly offering Arlene “another way” out of her pregnancy; Holly introducing us to her telepathic son suggesting that there is a general APB out on all telepaths in the vampire world; Calvin Norris bloodied by Sam’s violent temper and in a car with Lafayette and Jesus). All of these stories could be interesting in themselves, but spliced into tiny segments that promise to keep unraveling into no where they make me lose interests. Come to think of it, a cosmic showdown between humans and vampires doesn’t sound so bad. At least we’d have a story.

Complaining aside, I still love the world that is being created. I just want to get into it more – not just flit about on the margins looking for a way into the beating, bloody heart.

Come on True Blood, strengthen your quivering spine or at least let Russell rip it out.

Posted by Kathryn.

Written by themothchase

August 16, 2010 at 11:22 am

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