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I loved The Road – it’s probably in my top 10 best novel-reading experiences ever…so I could not wait to see what Lenore and her friends made of such a deep, powerful and painful read.  Yes, it’s bleak – that’s everyone’s first descriptor of it.  And sure, cannibalism is unappealing (to say the least).  But these hilariously bland descriptors from such privileged, botox-ed, vapid women – the very women who symbolize everything The Road doesn’t even bother critiquing but simply ignores – paled in comparison to Lenore’s terrifying brilliance.  She would sauté the father and the son (characters who anyone with a healthily developed soul loves from the depths of her soul) with kale and a nice white wine sauce?!  And if that weren’t enough, she’d hollow out the son’s skull and wear it like a hat to let others know she means business – quite literally, because then she’ll make accessories out of the dad’s bones and sell them in a burned out Macy’s.  In other words, in the Apocalypse Lenore will not just be fine; she’ll also single-handedly make sure consumerism survives its only possible demise.  And in a strange way, she’ll still look good doing it.

Lenore and Tanya seem to each be picking up half of Charlie’s personality as they sink further and further into their pimp roles – Tanya with her gifts and Lenore with her brutality.  I sure hope the implication here doesn’t end up being that it takes two women pimps to equal one male one…we have yet to see what the particular gifts a woman could bring to this skill might be, and we’re running out of chances to see them.

Perhaps the lesson is that there’s less necessary difference between the genders than we imagined, though (just as Ray also showed that to the untrained eye, there also might not be all that much difference between Arabs and Israelis!).  In the end, Ray finally learns what it is a woman wants from her prostitute, and it’s not all that different than what a man wants – she wants to be made to feel powerful, sexy and smart.  She wants to know that someone – even someone being paid and faking it – is on her side.

Any thoughts on Jess’ rash?  Her panic makes it seem to me that it’s something she tends to get when she’s pregnant – something her mother would recognize.  But they wouldn’t give us much on that this week.  And what will happen with Tanya and Charlie – I can’t tell if this is sweet, or spinning out of control!

Let me know what you think, Moth Chase friends!


ps: I’m trying not to get pissed each week as we see more and more naked women and very little of our naked man…I think it’s good that we don’t see Ray’s magic – that would be awkward and too campy.  But I hate this double standard!  It’s bad enough that un-named actress after un-named actress has to bear her boobs for any shot at an entry level role nowadays, but that Lenore has to do this too…it’s maddening!  Am I the only one who thinks so?

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August 16, 2010 at 8:42 am

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