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Haven’t You Ever Read an Archie Comic?

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This really was the core question of the episode, with everyone needing to choose between their Betty and Veronica.  Jack picking between Nancy and Avery, finally – and, in my opinion, making the right choice (wow, I can’t believe Jack’s going to be a Daddy!).  Jenna learning to accept Paul as he is, no matter how creepy he looked in that Cher/Jenna get up (really, is there anyone so awesomely gross as Will Forte?!  You really do have to have a lot of taped up balls to show up dressed like that!).  Liz finally choosing the pursuit of dangerous love over settling for a settling soulmate (although I am waiting for the other shoe to drop on Carroll – are we sure he’s really a pilot and not just an extra from a ‘pilot’ episode filming elsewhere in the 30 Rock complex? Sorry, couldn’t resist it – it’s late, I’m tired…apologies).  And poor Kenneth (who I hope to God isn’t really going to be absent from next season) needing to choose between New York and LA, and ultimately losing both.

Kenneth’s speech really was pretty sweet.  It’s true that I too am the kind of drunk who needs to start telling everyone how much I love them once under the influence, and so I resonated with Mr. Parcell as he unloaded all his sugary yet angry kindness onto his co-workers.  Kiss my face; I’ll see y’all in Heaven…please, if I forget that line, remind me so I can break it out next time I’ve had a couple too many shots of Jameson.

With all the themes saying that women can’t have a career and a love life this season through Liz’s character, though, I’m excited to see someone as awesome as Avery Jessup step up to juggle a career and being a mom…just as I’m hoping for some hilarity as Jack learns to co-parent and survive sleepless nights.

So did anyone else wrack their brains trying to figure out who Jack Carroll was?  Every time Jack and Carroll greeted each other and it became clear that there was an inside joke going on, I knew I knew the name but couldn’t place it…and of course, he’s the novelist/short-storyist/columnist who is perhaps most famous for having written Constantine’s Sword, a book about the history of Christian anti-Semitism that was made into a documentary a few years ago.  He’s also a lapsed Catholic priest, but a frequent writer about religion, which leads me back to an ongoing theme I’ve been tracking on 30 Rock this season – really weird and obscure inside religious jokes.  I haven’t been able to figure it out – what these jokes are doing – but I continue to enjoy them…especially when they involve Liz playing games with the Bible that result in her being married to Japhet, living in Ninevah and working as a prostitute!

The episode had some amazing one-off moments: Avery’s overshoppe commercial, Kenneth talking into his baby  monitor cell phone about taking drug cigarettes, and Kenneth’s categories for his best friends (bald category, beautiful hair category (strong)).

But perhaps my favourite lines in the whole episode were Jack’s eventual descriptions of Avery – who has a laugh like music, really mean music and wears high heels all the time because flats are just giving up.  Like I said, in my humble opinion, he made the right choice!

And I can’t wait to see him live with it next season!


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