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What a Finale!

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That really was a true cliffhanger of a great episode to end a season!  And despite the fact that I spent most of the episode thinking, ‘hey, I thought we were supposed to finally see Katherine tonight!’, I still didn’t click in that final scene that Elena wasn’t Elena…which is really disappointing because, while it might be annoying to replay an old ‘which one will she pick’ storyline, I realized as Damon hovered in front of Elena/Katherine for a kiss how much I wanted them to actually connect!  That building music, the glancey looks into each other’s eyes and the front porch half-light – it was one of the few genuinely sexy moments in this show (which, as a vampire show, I feel should have more sexy moments).  And it was a great kiss until Aunt Jenna showed up and did the worst thing possible by inviting “Elena” inside – Katherine must have been peeing her pants with excitement at her luck!

Now maybe I’m just dumb, or I was left dumbstruck by the kiss, but even as “Elena” chopped of Uncle/Daddy John’s fingers, I still didn’t get it!  I thought, ‘that’s right Elena, way to nut up and take control of the situation!’.  It’s not till she had him pinned to the fridge I clued in.  And to be honest, while I was excited we finally had Katherine, I was disappointed by the old switcheroo.  I thought Elena was stepping into being a more interesting, badass character.  I thought she was embracing her bad side a little more and definitively staking out the location of which team she was on.  I thought she was breaking with her past (John, her biological dad) to embrace a new future.  But no, it turns out she had just lost her clothes and was late coming home.

But wow, what a great note to end on – Elena walking into the kitchen to find a dead uncle/father and her mirror image, and Jeremy upstairs dying from an overdose of what looked to me like headache medicine but, hey, I don’t know my drugs, and turning from a shot of his dead vampire girlfriend’s blood.

I’m left wondering if Damon figured it out, though.  I rewatched the scene, and he does look a little confused as he walks away, but not enough to definitively say that he realized he was kissing Katherine.  I feel pretty bad for Damon – he finally gets over his old lover, after 150 years of trying, falls for someone else, kisses her and – what?! – it turns out to be his old lover.  That’s some bad luck!

What I really liked about Damon tonight, though, was that his awakening morality didn’t stem from a desire to ‘do the right thing’ – which it so often seems to be with Stefan – but from a complex knot of other desires.  Confusedly, he finds himself caring about Anna and wanting to help her.  He finds himself desiring to help Jer.  He actually longs to protect Mystic Falls and those he’s come to love.  Doing the right thing is an outgrowth from these other desires – morality follows human connection; it’s not initially necessary for it.  It’s a slight difference, but one that matters, I think…especially in a show that deals so much with themes of vengeance and forgiveness.  We keep wanting humans and vampires to ‘do the right thing,’ and keep finding them incapable of doing so.  Perhaps the solution to Mystic Falls’ predicament isn’t moral, but is simply social – if they all got together for a nice potluck and story-sharing time, they might find healing.  But outside of MF’s need for a mini truth and reconciliation commission, let’s move on to other things.

Jer does the tortured teenager so well!  I love his speech to Damon  tonight  – just because his memory was erased, doesn’t mean the gaps and consequent empty feeling haven’t affected him.  They seem to be playing with themes of trauma here – that someone can seem just fine, while something more insidious bubbles below the surface.  Now with Anna gone too – so sad, I really liked her! – Jeremy as human or vampire is going to be an interesting kid.

Bonnie rocked tonight!  She has really become the most interesting woman on this show to me.  Sure she screwed over the vampire brothers but, having a change of heart when Damon thanks her deeply for her help (see what a little kindness can do!), she uses her awesome magic skills to save both Salvatores…only to threaten Stefan again at the end.  And I think she can back up her threats.  If the tension was between the vampires and humans in this season, I can only hope we’ll see it play out between vampires and witches in the next…and maybe werewolves…

Because we finally got to see the Lockwood boys start cashing out on our early theories that they might be werewolves.  Yey!  I didn’t expect Tyler to know what he was, but was surprised to see the Mayor clueless as well.  I suppose that’s of little consequence now he’s dead – but we can be ready for a much fuller presence from Tyler in the next season.  And without dear old dad, we’re surely going to need a pack of other weres to help him on his new journey.  Another great cliffhanger!

And what is going to happen to Caroline?  Part of me wonders if there’s still, somehow some of Damon’s blood in her system and if we’re going to see her turn too.  Although that feels unlikely.  But something’s going on with her surgery and I’m intrigued to see what it is – another cliffhanger!

Over the course of this season, Vampire Diaries has come to be one of my favourite shows on tv – something I didn’t anticipate when I started blogging it!  Thanks, readers, for joining us for this season.  It’s been great hearing your feedback and comments.  I can’t wait to pick up season 2 with you!  Please share your comments with us – how did you feel about the Elena/Katherine switch-up?  How much do you love Bonnie?  Who should Elena be with?  What is Tyler’s deal?



Hello Natalie,

I am jumping in unannounced again to add my two cents, a bit late but I couldn’t resist! I have to admit I thought this was a pretty ho-hum season finale for a while. What seemed like the big plot point – Bonnie’s deception and the full-out attack on the MF vampires – happened so fast it felt like a let down. And then Elena gave her pointed “I love you” speech to Stefan and my hackles were raised. Why on earth would the writers make such a big deal out of this unless that truth were about to be questioned? And maybe I have too much time on my hands to ponder such things, but I suspected that Katherine was doubling for Elena from the opening scene. Showing Elena in Katherine-era garb and the look on Damon’s face when he saw her all decked out in 1860s regalia made we wonder if we were already watching a dopple ganger in action. But then Elena acted so, well, Elena like the whole episode – earnest and sort of boring. In that sense I was surprised when she kissed Damon on the porch because I thought “ah ha, it is Katherine after all!” – but I was assuming that Katherine had abducted Elena and impersonated her the whole episode (which, now that I think about it, might have been pretty cool). The big surprise to me was that both look alikes were out and about wrecking confusing havoc on the Salvatore brothers and poor, poor nasty Uncle John. I am not sure they will be able to keep up the case of mistaken identity for too long next season, but we should get some great episodes out of it.

And I am so thrilled about Bonnie. She is so kick ass. Definitely the best woman on the show and one of the best characters. I can only hope that she will be front and center next season. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind a Bonnie centered show – a badass witch takes on the vampires of Mystic Falls. That could be a pretty amazing show and put this current teenage vampire craze in a new perspective.

As for predictions: I think you are right. Something is going on with Caroline. I sort of love the idea that both she and Jeremy will come back as vampires with Tyler as a werewolf. Though that would pretty much leave Matt out in the non-supernatural cold. Maybe he’ll turn out to be a faerie or something.

OK, I don’t have much more to add to your fantastic analysis, but I did want to share my general reactions and thoughts. Once I realized what was going on with Katherine it turned out to be a great finale indeed.



Written by themothchase

May 14, 2010 at 8:26 am

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  1. That Damon/Elena kiss was totally spoiled for me when I realized it was actually Katherine, not Elena. I thought the switch was a great plot device and could lead to an explosive beginning of season two. I’m not sure how long the present day Katherine can stay, though, without Katherine/Elena clogging up the story lines with too much screen time.

    I also loved Bonnie. She’s wonderful. I like how her friendship with Elena is getting tense because of who Stefan and Damon are and because of what Bonnie believes. Lots to explore there for the writers.

    I’m not entirely sure Mayor Lockwood is dead. You know, werewolves and their supernatural powers … We might get a surprise in September. I was sad to see Anna go, though. I liked her character.

    Great review.


    May 14, 2010 at 8:40 am

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