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Emmanuelle Goes to Dinosaur-Land

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What a great week for Michael Sheen to return – with all that’s been going on in British politics, it was fun to see the actor who has played Tony Blair twice back on 30 Rock to remind us of great British humour, even if that humour is in the derivative form of “Chums”!  Perhaps it’s just because I’m English, but it remains unclear to me why Liz hates Wesley as much as she does.  Sure, he overly mimes stuff, but he also does so knowing full well that excellent pantomime is supposed to look idiotic.  And yeah, he’s a bit smarmy with his ‘we’re meant to be’ know-it-all-ness.  But compared to her other options, especially now that Floyd is completely out of the picture, he’s quite the catch!  Although, what fun to see Dr. Drew back with hooks for hands – Drew is so very much the opposite of Hamm’s Mad Men character, Don Draper, it’s great to see Hamm’s range.  He plays dumb with a type of innocence clearly lacking from the particular brand offered by Dennis Duffy – who’s balloon plot was as idiotically evil as it was poorly planned.  Nevertheless, of all the losers, I think Dennis might still be the best one for Liz and if any of them had to have their own spin-off, I’d pick the beeper king!

Jack’s love triangle continued as Avery called for him to make a decision as she left for her spa-weekend, once a year menstrual bender (a joke Tina Fey clearly loves as she’s used it before on SNL).  Jack finally sleeps with Nancy (he’s right, you’d think the red underwear and red hair would clash, but my goodness they didn’t!), only to learn the next morning that she’s not quite the free spirit sexually that he is.  Besides being smoking hot, I have yet to understand why Nancy is real competition for Avery, besides the nostalgia factor.  But I would have thought that would have worn off by now.  What I do find interesting his how often Jack’s lovers get him into church!  He seems to move between high powered, politically driven women (Avery and Edie Falco’s character) and simpler, down-home, religiously motivated women (Nancy and Selma Hayak’s incredibly annoying character).  In a sense, it often comes down to whether he wants to date a woman like himself, or a woman who can play a traditionally female role – and he’s drawn to both; each presenting their own problems.  My hunch is that Jack is, once again, going to lose both in his attempt to have it all.

At the very least, our main characters have to stay single because their crazy dating lives are the entry point for so many amazing guest stars – in the end, that’s the real gift their searches for love has to offer us, the viewers!

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m always amused by the religious humour on 30 Rock, while it also always strikes me as something that most people who watch the show (i.e. everyone who didn’t go to Divinity school) wouldn’t find as funny as the small group of us who did.  The ongoing mocking of Unitarians (last night Liz admitted to considering becoming one) is a classic Div School joke (ha ha, I know, right?  Oof.  Well everyone has their inside humour!).  But as she began flipping through the Bible last night, even before she got to Onan’s story, I hoped that’s what it would be!  This is the story used a foundation for religious bans on masturbation – it’s where the term onanism comes from…and it’s a great example of how the Bible really doesn’t ‘help a lady out’ as Liz requests…especially when you have to (as I did) teach it to freshmen students in their required religious studies class!  Zeporah cutting off her son’s foreskin paled by comparison.

My favourite moment in the whole episode though came down to a shared moment between Jack and Liz, as it so often does – his repetition of her high pitched, “You know what, sometimes I think” was great!  But oof, I also found myself captivated by Tracy’s green screen costume – Lord have mercy, that was a descriptive suit!  I’m sure no one looks good in those things, but that was a pretty gutsy move for Tracy Morgan to make – to show us all he’s got like that.  In a way, that’s the naked type of vulnerability that deserves the O in EGOT.

What were your favourite parts, friends?  Do you think Liz should settle for Wesley?  Are you as excited as I am about Matt Damon’s appearance next week?


Written by themothchase

May 14, 2010 at 9:19 am

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