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Hilary 2008!

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Yeah, so that final scene with the wedding vow renewal really got me.  These actors play family so well – they’re natural, sweet and loving with each other, and that’s what makes it work.  But even more than that, it was Phil’s line that you can’t have a honeymoon without a wedding that really defined the scene.  We so often try to recapture the fun, frivolous early days of a relationship, mistakenly and nostalgically believing that that’s the truth of who we are as couples.  But the truth is that those things mean little without the simultaneous commitments we’ve made to each other.  One of the things I love most about this show is that every week after finishing it, I’m reminded a little more of why I love my husband – that’s a good portrayal of love that too many sitcoms miss out on.

As far as the couples on the show go, though, it’s Cam and Mitchell who I often relate to the most.  I know that tension well between wanting to adventurously immerse myself in the local culture and giving in to relaxing by the poolside.  I think it’s a common feeling for over-educated, type-A liberals like me and Mitchell.  We want to think we’re more interesting than the luxury of a foot-rub and a drink with an umbrella.  We’re more adventurous than napping.  It’s about identity – real and perceived – and the inability to let go and relax.  Both Mitchell and Claire learned to let go on their trip, and both did so with some problematic – but not disastrous – effects.  It remains the case, though, that scenes like that infinity pool make me want to go to Hawaii just as much as scenes from the jungle in Lost…I suppose the trick is learning to love, and to allow yourself to love, both!

The kids really rocked this episode too!  Manny and Luke’s battles over how best to enjoy the freedom of a room of one’s own had me in stitches.  I love that each of these little guys is his own fully formed, unique character.  From Luke’s “I am a bathroom martian” escapade, which actually involved a fully fleshed imaginative character, to Manny’s desire to send drinks to some tweens and dress for dinner in his linen jacket, I was so glad the writers figured the room arrangements as they did.  And Haley, poor Haley, and her first time being drunk.  Every kid’s going to do it – and perhaps the best way help them see the error of their ways is not through explicit punishment, but simply through the awesome mockery you can do to a hungover person with strong smelling foods and piercing noises.

This was also the first time we had a two-episode arc to my recollection, and I think it really worked.  We got to spread out some narratives and see where they ended up, and I think in doing so we got some good character development…as the finale approaches, I do wonder if they’re going to keep some of these threads going.  We’ve had sneak peak pictures of Cam as a wedding singer – I can’t wait to find out who’s wedding!

Best line: Mitchell’s panicked, “She’ll think she’s back in Vietnam” as Lilly gets lost in the bush. And favourite moment: the suspected war lord photographed in a Hilary 2008 t-shirt – that joke went deep as it opened up a whole world of what Cam and Mitchell might have been up to during the last election…I’m hoping for a flashback!  What were your favourite lines and moments Moth Chase friends?  How did you enjoy this episode?


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May 13, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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