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The Luckieset Shman in the World

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Ok, that’s two weeks in a row that 30 Rock has brought us a little trans-humour.  Last week with the reference to Mrs. Doubtfire shimself, and tonight with Will Forte’s amazing turn as Paul the drag queen/Jenna Morony impersonator/luckiest shman in the world.  My LGTBQA vocabulary is quickly expanding (another favourite gender-neutral pronoun which hasn’t yet been used but, I kid you not, I once encountered in a hymn is Zhe – please, please Tina Fey, find a way to incorporate that one too!).

Forte was pretty amazing – although I really wished that the show hadn’t given away his big secret in a commercial aired during The Office!  The sly skulking around the studio and weird finger-padding weighing of Jenna’s jewelry (that’s such a gross sounding phrase) would have been much more entertaining had I not known where this plot was going.  Nevertheless, he is the perfect guy for Jenna because, as Liz put it, now she finally gets to love herself.  Weird narcissism aside, it’s pretty sweet to see Jenna happy, and even sweeter to hope that we’ll get more of McGruber!

The plot with Jack and the peacock got a little too weird (which is saying a lot when following the Jenna story!).  But it leads me to consider anew one of my favouite things about Jack – you can be a total genius in the business world, but be totally dumb when it comes to things like romance, reality and religion…he seriously thought that Don Geiss’ soul was living in the Argus?!  Sure, it’s a fun play to reference the greek myth of Argus, the giant turned peacock, much like the potential Geiss-clone.  But for the most part, this story only offered further insight into the emotional stunting of Jack’s own inner-life; well, that and his apparent desperate need for a father figure (please bring back Alan Alda!).  But I’ll forgive this over-the-top weirdness because it gave us Jack’s amazing slo-mo progression through the 5 stages of grief.  My goodness, that Alec Baldwin is one sexy mo-fo!

I’ve always loved the strange sexual tension/past between Liz and Griz – but it left me wondering what it is about this show that wants to end its seasons on multiples of three?  Last season we had the Mama Mia with Jack’s 3 dads.  This season is seems we’re working our way to Liz having a heck of a day with 3 weddings.  I don’t know if there’s a joke here that I’m just not getting, but I did love the play Liz did with threatening to launch into the famous Corinthians wedding passage by beginning with “Love is patient” but following it up with a modern spin of love also being weird, sometimes gross and always elusive.  I for one can’t wait to see her in a dashiki giving her woman of honour speech!

Sidenote: seeing as St. Paul wrote the original Corinthians passage, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was an intentional link to the naming of Jenna’s Paul – kind of a nod towards some of St. Paul’s outdated sexual ethics, and what his writing would have been like under a modern (drag queen) ‘Paul’…just a thought!

Best lines of the episode: Geiss’ secret Canadian family (there is definitely a Canadian in 30 Rock’s writing room!) and his even more secret attic family (I don’t even want to know); Griz’s description of him and Liz as the real Sam and Diane of 30 Rock; the very idea of Oklahoma being performed with large headed, turban wrapped white children and, whuck!, Jenna soaks her tampons in vodka!  Does that even work?  Any other ladies out there tempted?

Eeoowww.  Ok Moth Chase friends, what did I miss?  What were your favourite lines?  Do you want more Will Forte?  Will Liz make it into that Vietnamese size 2?


Written by themothchase

April 30, 2010 at 8:37 am

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