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Caucasians, Am I Right?

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This felt like a classic episode – Michael centered with plenty of support from the ensemble.  It almost felt like Jan all over again…in more ways than one (two, to be precise, if you get my drift – Miss Boobs-shirt!).  Michael – for reasons existing beyond all our comprehension – has managed to get the attention of a very attractive and successful woman who, it seems, is struggling with her own comprehension of the whole situation.  We all remember him chasing Jan to the elevator – where she kissed him.  At least Donna managed to hold out till the car.  But Michael still got his girl!  And got her in a pretty sweet way in the end. As he leaned in for a second kiss, convincing her that all was ok, I actually felt for the two of them.  It was a sweet moment – Michael able to trust his intuition and go for it instead of re-performing the countless awkward misses that had happened throughout the episode (the leaning in for the breath mint on her hand was my favourite – oh my goodness he managed to painfully hover for the perfect amount of time before going for it, so much so that I managed to say out loud, “no he isn’t, oh yes he is, no he isn’t, ack” while half covering my eyes to avoid it).

Interspersed was Dwight’s brilliant attempt to raise up Kelly to power and then take her down.  Despite being a wearer of glasses, a survivor of cholera and a self-acclaimed genius, Dwight could not apply for the “print in all colours” (genius name!) program himself.  This really gave Kelly a chance to shine as she deployed every stereotype in the book to trick the new, and quickly growing on me, Gabe.  Her deadpan ability to manipulate the potentially offensive makes me realize that I don’t play up my minority identity markers nearly enough!  But it was the seed of Oscar’s apparent desire to put himself forward for such a program, but simultaneous sense that he couldn’t go up against Kelly, that intrigued me the most.  Does this mean that we’ll have a good Oscar centered plot some time soon?  We can only hope.

Favourite lines: Creed’s, “did you ever notice you can only ooze two things: sexuality and puss” was amazing!  Disgusting to pair those two but truly, truly amazing!  Gabe’s realization that saying “it’s almost too black” about the Sabre minority executive program was just not right was perfect.  And as I enjoy competing with my good friend Thunder (who is an often-time commenter on this blog) to get out a ‘that’s what she said’ whenever one of our friends says anything remotely applicable, I am thrilled to be able to add ‘that’s what he said’ to our game, even if it’s only a mistranslation!

And my favourite Andy moment was, of course, his speech about his when he “tore his scrote” – the sexy doc might have just been trying to over-bill his HMO but, perhaps he’s right, sometimes it’s hard to tell with all that fooling around down there.


Written by themothchase

April 30, 2010 at 8:27 am

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  1. Classic episode! So funny, yet so wrong… The breath mint scene was painful! We love to root for Michael.


    May 6, 2010 at 1:47 pm

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