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He really Does Look Like He Stepped Out of a Burt Reynolds Movie!

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Finally.  Oh my goodness, finally!  They really made us wait for that Kwon reunion and, sure, we have the impending possibility of immediate death hovering all around it between Zoe and her goons and my initial fear that their ears were going to start bleeding as they ran through the sonic fence, but oh my goodness, finally!  Of all the types of work that have had to be done on this show for people to find their loves (Daniel and Desmond traveling through time; Penny traveling across space; Charlie dying and rising and, I fear, possibly dying again) Jin and Sun have done the most emotional work.  And for that, to me they are the most realistic.  I was haunted by Sun’s scream when she had to watch the tanker with Jin on it blow up.  I thought it was one of the most raw acting moments in Lost ever and I believed it deeply.  The way they looked at each other last night was similar, but of course much more lovely.  It’s a loving look of familiarity, comfort and stability; a look that, like the biblical Zechariah’s encounter with his son’s unbelievable birth, loosens the tongue again to speak (and note, the boat on which they all escaped bore the name of that Zachariah’s wife, Elizabeth…just saying).  For any complaining about silly romance I’ve done in this space, that complaint doesn’t stick to these two.  This isn’t romance; it really is love, and I love them for it.  But ok, back to the daring acts of bravery, faith and the scary ledge upon which we’ve been left.

Was anyone else surprised how willing Flocke was to give Jack all the information right away?  It’s a real turn around from season 1 when a core frustration was how unwilling people were to tell each other what they were up to.  The core statement in their relationship last night though seemed to me to be Flocke’s depiction of Locke as “stupid enough to believe he was here for a reason,” because that’s precisely the conclusion Jack ends up coming to about himself.  And in so doing, he not only further convinced me that he’s going to be the chosen one, but he also put himself in a position to save our friends who followed Sawyer into an overly-cocky escape attempt.  As a side note, someone wrote on facebook yesterday that they wondered if the May 23rd finale of the show indicated that person #23 (Jack) was the chosen one…I know the producers jockeyed to get the 23rd because they really wanted that date.  We’ve all assumed that’s simply because it’s fun to end on any one of the numbers.  But what if there’s more to it than that?

I’m also continuing to wonder what this power of speech is that Flocke possesses.  Some – Dogan, Claire – seem convinced by it.  If you let him speak to you, he can control you.  And Jack’s return strangely affirms that hypothesis.  But it’s also true that Flocke spoke to Sawyer, Kate, Claire (the biggest believer!) and others…and they still ran.  And so I’m curious to know exactly how this power works?

The real connection between Alterna-world and the island last night was Jack and Claire finally connecting over their sibling relationship, not that much came of that in either storyline, but perhaps it will in the weeks to come.  Desmond’s fairy godmother routine is actually getting quite cute and amusing to me (even if I got petrified that he was going to push a pregnant Claire down the stairs…thank goodness he was able to pursue other means of memory jogging with her!).  But we’ve also got the lives of all our characters beginning to converge in much more significant ways than fun cameos.  There was Elana, alive and well serving as Jack’s lawyer.  But we also had Sawyer and Kate continue their flirtation under arrest, and her begin her possible blackmail of him.  We’ve got Jack about to operate on John.  And of course, we had Sun recognize John as she was wheeled into the hospital, so we can assume her near death experience triggered the memories for her in a way that won’t now require Desmond’s intervention.  And we had Sayid getting caught for his misadventures, just as we had to face further misadventures back on the island.

Which also has me wondering, did Sayid really kill Desmond in the well?  I tend to think not, but I’m guessing they’ll keep us guessing on that one for a while.  Last night brought up an old question for me again, who is it that Locke has promised to Sayid?  The obvious answer is that the woman he loves is Nadia.  But there’s still a big part of me that thinks it’s going to be a surprise with Shannon’s return, not least of all because Shannon died on the island and therefore is more likely able to be produced by Locke.  It’s certainly interesting though that all our characters who remain uncomplicated in the good/evil debate have a ‘one true love’ they’re seeking, but Sayid – the one who we’re still not sure where he stands on that continuum – is potentially negotiating two loves.  I wonder if that’s intentional?  Well, everything’s intentional on this show, so I wonder what that intentionality means?

Finally – as Sawyer tripped Sayid up with the garden hose my friend Thunder commented how ready he would be to watch that buddy cop show with Miles and Sawyer we’ve all been hoping for…come on Lost producers, don’t you want to try your hand at action/comedy?  I really do promise to tune in for at least the first season!

So next week’s preview and the ominous line, “he doesn’t need you, Kate” – ever since we saw old Austin didn’t have a number we’ve wondered what her fate will be.  Is Kate going to get off-ed next week?  What do you think, Moth Chase friends?  And more importantly, what have I missed?  What did you think of this episode?



Hello Natalie,

I am jumping in from the land of baby craziness to join the conversation. With so few episodes left, I just can’t help trying to chime in now and again, even if it took me all day today to watch the episode!

But it was worth it as we try to piece the puzzle together. Like you, I took great satisfaction watching Sun and Jin reunite. I got goosebumps as they saw each other across the beach! The show has taken an interesting turn the last few weeks, suggesting that destiny – the theme they have been exploring all along – might, in fact, be love. Or better, that love is destiny. It is love that triggers most of our characters so far (Hurley, Daniel, Desmond, Charlie). We don’t know yet if Desmond’s efforts with Claire or Jack or Locke have done any good – he has brought people together, but we haven’t seen them have a revelation yet. It is interesting to me that Desmond brought Jack and Claire together, instead of bringing Claire to Charlie or Jack to Kate. Given the plot of sibling reunion on the island, I wonder what we are to make of that, especially if Claire is Charlie’s trigger. Can a trigger work one way and not the other? It is also interesting to ponder Sawyer’s position. You are right that Sayid has two possible loves, but so does Sawyer. Is Kate his trigger – and if so, why didn’t their meeting again do anything for them? Or is it Juliet? I would so LOVE to see Juliet come back, even for one episode. But maybe love won’t be the trigger for everyone. Maybe these story lines will just keep intertwining in Alterna-world until everyone is together again and then the universes will collide.  I guess that is still what I want to know the most – what is this Alterna-world?

That, and who will take Jacob’s place? I agree that Jack is shaping up as a nice candidate, but so is Desmond, given his Jacob like role in Alterna-world. Though it is also hard to see him being eternally separated from Penny, where Jack is already a loner. But what, then, is the special purpose Desmond is supposed to serve in Widmore’s plot? Also, if Sayid didn’t kill Desmond – and I agree, I doubt he did – does that make him no longer evil? Can he, like Hurely suggests, come back from the dark side?

Final unconnected thought: did you notice how Jack and Sawyer switched places? At the end of season 3 it was Jack leading a renegade attempt to leave the island at all costs and Sawyer jumping from the escape vessel for the greater good. Is Sawyer doomed to repeat Jack’s fate or is he, in fact, destined to leave the island after all?

OK, so I know that this post was basically just a lot of questions and not many theories or hypotheses. I will try to do better next time, but for now, it is just good to be back in the chase!



Written by themothchase

April 21, 2010 at 9:18 am

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  1. Thunder Jones

    April 21, 2010 at 10:16 am

  2. I really hope Kate doesn’t get killed off next week. I was really worried that Claire was going to shoot her last night.

    To be honest, I don’t want any of the characters killed off. I know its the end of the series, but I would be perfectly happy if they all survived.


    April 21, 2010 at 11:07 am

  3. I’m pretty sure that Sayid’s great love is Nadia, and Nadia only. It’s her death that puts him under Ben’s influence and she’s always represented what he sees as the better part of himself. MiB is, effectively, promising to give Sayid his morality back. Of course, that won’t work and I think Sayid knows it, deep down. Even if she could be brought back, that’s not enough to make him a good man.

    Did anyone else think FLocke wanted Sawyer to steal the boat. He seemed to be playing into James’ hand but, in doing so, he got all the remaining candidates together. Perhaps the whole “leaving on a jet plane” was a lie? Could Jack’s return actually have foiled his scheme?


    April 21, 2010 at 7:04 pm

  4. Really good episode and I like your writeup and analysis.

    A couple things. I had heard that LOST didn’t want to compete with part 1 of the American Idol finale, but the 23rd being Jack does lend itself to a nice easter egg so maybe 🙂

    Another Jack-is-the-new-Jacob hint could be the fact that Elana is working for Jack (his lawyer) like she worked for Jacob. Different role, but interesting way to bring her back.

    Sawyers snappy comments were awesome this episode (love the Lapidas jokes).

    And my fiance also mentioned that she would love to see Miles and Sawyer in a cop show. Change the names, put it in a different world seperate from Lost, but have them play the same type of characters and it would be awesome. I’d watch at least a season or two.


    April 22, 2010 at 10:20 am

  5. Yep, I figured that since the episode was called “The Last Candidate” and Jack stayed behind, he’s the leading candidate to replace Jacob right now. Jack makes a much better Jacob anyway then, say, Sawyer. Also, throughout the entire series Locke and Jack have butted heads, so it only makes sense that those two characters would be left behind as MiB and Jacob to continue their battle for “all eternity”.

    I couldn’t help myself when Jin and Sun had their reunion. As they ran to meet each other through the fence I quickly turned to my wife and said “buzzzz!”. I probably ruined the moment but we got a good laugh out of it. Do I need to seek help? 🙂

    Regardless of what happens on the island, I think all of the characters will still be alive off the island. That is, whether or not they die (or what happens) on the island only serves to determine what reality they end up living. For example, Elena was still alive.


    April 22, 2010 at 10:43 am

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