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There Goes the Neighbourhood

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Last night we had another good, not great episode.  Sure, it was fun to see Aunt Jenna let loose a little, and then resist the new evilest vampire’s persuasion with her trusty vervain.  Yet even though quite a bit happened, I didn’t feel like the episode really nailed it like it so often does.  I just can’t figure out what was missing.  Perhaps is because we’re being given lots of information right now, but we’re not being told what any of it means.

Take this vampire training house, for example. So it’s funny seeing what 150 year old vampires need to learn – how to use a tv remote control; how to text; how to use an ATM card.  But it’s not clear exactly what these vamps are up to.  Pearl – who by the way, is totally badass and my new vampire hero…that eye gouging scene was a new step of horror for this show – seems to pine for her old Mystic falls home.  It’s their land and these modern human folks have taken it.  But are they plotting a violent takeover?  Or do they just want to buy up some homes and businesses and integrate into the culture?  It seems these ones are fine in the sun, so how difficult would it be just to move to town?

Besides the one vamp’s seething hatred of the Salvatore brothers, it’s not quite clear what’s coming here.  And I would certainly be keen to here a little more about how precisely it’s Stefan and Damon’s fault that all those vampires got locked up in the first place.  We know they were dating Katherine and their dad figured out she was a vampire, but beyond that we don’t really know how they can be explicitly blamed.

Speaking of Katherine – it’s going to be interesting to see how Elena’s lookalike status will influence these new vamps in town.  Surely she’ll confuse them, or at least offer some embarrassing mis-adventures as they think they’ve found their friend.  And I’m still left wondering what the significance of Harper is – they repeat his name so often that I’m half expecting Elena or Jeremy or someone else to come across it in an old dusty document somewhere…They’ve never worked so hard to make sure we know a character’s name before!

Perhaps the most interesting part of the episode was watching Jeremy’s development!  First we got the shocker that he’d figured it all out, paired with the shocker that he was willing to risk his life to find the truth, paired again with the shocker that Anna cares for him enough to resist her desire to feast.  But then we got the ultimate surprise that Jeremy actually wants to be turned!  I guess over the course of the episode we could come to see this coming, but we’ve hardly seen Jeremy in the last few episodes – and all of a sudden he’s jumping into the front ready to switch teams…I kind of hope Anna just does it quickly and we get to watch Jeremy become a more major character.  And it was nice to see that Damon’s old mind trick on him hadn’t erased enough of Vickie that he couldn’t piece the pieces together.  Such skills certainly make him a little more interesting to watch.  A turning would make him even more so.

I guess in the end my struggle with the show right now is that it’s not particularly clear which of all these crazy plots is the driving, central concern.  And so things feel a little scattered without a central organizing device.  Is it still the hunt for Katherine?  Or is it the new hunt for Elena’s vampire mother?  Is it whatever is brewing over at the vampire compound?  Or is it the ongoing Salvatore saga?  Right now I think the show is struggling to decide – but once it settles on its primary focus, I think we’ll get back to the tight, fun storytelling we had before the midseason break.  And I’m perfectly willing to hang on until we get there!

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April 2, 2010 at 8:07 am

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