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2 yeys for tonight’s episode – first, yey we got to see Floyd again and second yey, we got a strange new word from Liz!  So if you didn’t catch it (and thanks to my husband for explaining this one to me), Tina Fey has invented the word “whuck” which she hopes will catch on from last night’s episode – it means, what the f*ck…and I think it totally works.  I for one intend to use it to replace the old and somewhat staid ‘wtf’ in my quick emails and twitter feed!

This episode felt a little all over the place, but even so I think it was pretty great.  So first we had the return of Floyd in an incredibly dark story that included his awkward falling off the wagon.  Floyd’s alcoholism always offered a strangely serious tone to the show and, while it was played for laughs last night, again made me cringe a bit at how painful it can be to watch a drunk.  But outside of me being perhaps overly serious about a must-see-tv comedy plot, I loved that Floyd gave us real insight into why Liz’s relationships fail.  The show pits her against these supposedly sexy blondes (Suri and last night’s Isabel), but the truth is that Liz is pretty damn sexy (sexier than those two, in my humble opinion), so it’s not because she’s frumpy or unattractive that she can’t get the man (she gets a lot of men; she just can’t keep ‘em).  But Floyd is right – she’s kind of mean like a badger and who would want to be with someone who had a hard and fast no sex on weeknight’s rule?  It was a wake up call for Liz, I think, and as the last few episodes have touched on her relationship woes, I’m wondering if we’re going to see some genuine character development here (character development being a tv show convention 30 Rock tends to eschew).  At the very least, it might help her get off the dating section of the Kraft food website and stop referring to old lovers as “former intercourse companions”!

Next we had the always tangential and strange Jenna and Tracy storyline – the real payoff of which was getting to see Kenneth dance in his rainbow-peacock underpants at the end of the episode.  I don’t know how Jack McBrayer manages to make asexual sexuality look so damn threatening?!  How can something be simultaneously hilarious and terrifying?  But somehow he pulls it off in a way that really could haunt one’s dreams!

And then we had the Pranksters vs. The Silver Panthers showdown.  I continue to love Danny’s ongoing Canadian references.  The Junos were held in the town where I used to live in Canada and me and my friends would try to get jobs as seat fillers!  But it’s his partnership with Jack that really works on this show.  First, it simply allows Liz to be off doing other things.  But it’s also hilarious that the two connect over the “guy stuff” Jack craves or, as Jack puts it, “the art of japery”.  The silver panthers’ final coup was fantastic as Jack threatened sex with Frank’s mom – but it was Danny who stole that scene by sticking his head into the ransom video frame with his sweet, innocent Canadian smile!

Ok Moth Chase friends…what did I miss?  As usual, the quips were flying fast in this episode.  What were your favourite lines and moments?  What did you think of the return of Floyd?

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March 26, 2010 at 8:00 am

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  1. Hello! I followed your link from the 30 Rock fan page on Facebook, and I think you love the show as much as I do!


    March 26, 2010 at 8:10 am

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