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Nice to Meet Me

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Well, I got what I’d been asking for – a truly ensemble episode!  I think Angela got to speak more last night than she has all season.  Plus, we got to see Kelly and Ryan AND Creed on Dance, Dance Revolution (although I have to admit, I really really wanted to see Andy up there!).  We got a good dose of Kevin (back to his fairly disgusting old self trying to make Pam’s boobs leak with the creepiest attempt at a baby noise I’ve ever heard).  And we finally got a little movement on the whole Oscar and Matt love / hook up story.  When the Office spreads itself out like this among all its great cast members, I actually enjoy Jim and Pam too – and I was so happy to see Pam get to have her night out after being stuck at home with the baby.  She was really cute as she reminded me of so many of my friends venturing out as first time mums, thoroughly enjoying the presence of everyone over the age of 10.

Andy and Erin continued to be adorable tonight, trying to keep their new relationship a secret.  Departing from the Jim and Pam model, the writers are keeping things moving along quite quickly with this new couple, though.  When a sad set of photo booth pictures reveals the secrecy thing isn’t working, Andy makes an announcement to everyone that they’ve been on two dates to Erin’s beaming face.  So now they’re out and I’m excited to see what that will do to their relationship.  Erin also got my favourite line last night with her “Hey big boy. Do you like it when I do that?” When she tries to tell Andy she learned to talk like that from the movies we realized how thoroughly innocent (and perhaps a little slow) she is.  I loved his departing line, “What do you watch? Black Snake Moan?”…a hilarious reference to a somewhat non-mainstream film.

Love was all around last night – but in strange ways.  We had Mike doing perfectly well on his date with Julie until Date Mike showed up (how do you like your eggs in the morning?).  But even this odd persona managed to score a lady…against all odds!  I’m wondering if we’re watching some repeat of the Carol/Jan fiasco.  Mike has a perfectly lovely girlfriend in the works, but then messes that up by shooting for someone who might be more woman than he can handle.  I hope they don’t let this bar manager drop – I think we could get some real laughs out of a first date with her!  And then we had Dwight breaking his contract with Angela to hang out with Isabel – who is taller and has better birthing hips.  What Isabel sees in Dwight is beyond me.  And I can never decide if I enjoy seeing Angela messed around or if I actually feel bad for her.  Isabel’s whack on her at the end like the whack a moles who had caused such problems earlier was so odd, though, that it almost explained why she’s with Dwight!  And then of course we’ve got Oscar and Matt.  I loved Darryl’s confusion about why Oscar would go for someone so dumb.  But most of all I love that we’ve finally got a gay couple in the ongoing Office coupling drama.  I hope they don’t drop this storyline for as long as they did last time!  We’ve been waiting since Christmas to see Matt and Oscar get back together.  Please don’t make us wait till Thanksgiving for their first date!

What were your favourite lines readers?  What hilarious moments have I missed?

Posted by Natalie

Written by themothchase

March 26, 2010 at 7:40 am

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  1. Erin to Andy at the receptionist desk:
    “If you ever talk to me like that again, I’ll cut your face off!”

    young reklis

    March 30, 2010 at 9:30 pm

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