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Jay’s attempts to support Mitchell continue to crack me up.  With his attempts to show  how open-minded he longs to be about his son’s lifestyle, he mostly manages to communicate his vastly stereotypical understanding of that lifestyle.  Even so, they come out as sweet attempts to encourage his kid; a skill he attempted to pass on down to Manny last night too.  This was perhaps the first time we’ve seen Jay really admit that Mitchell might be better at something than he is. We’ve seen him hint at it before, or give it with some sort of reservation – but tonight he just came out with it: Mitchell is better at doing the dad thing than Jay and so Jay needs his help.  It was a sweet story, in the end allowing Jay, Mitchell and Manny each to inhabit their particular roles in the hierarchy – father, older brother, kid brother – with finesse.

And so it was kind of awesome that the connecting storyline of how to best be a parent over at Claire and Phil’s house opened with the hilarious line: you’ve never heard of anyone being sfathered to death.  It was great seeing Phil’s ADHD approach to parenting pay off.  In many ways, this episode was about misunderstandings – Mitchell not getting that Manny was trying to connect with him; Cam offending Gloria again and again; and in this storyline, Claire and Phil struggling to see that Luke’s games were actually contributing to his creative process.  Best of all tonight, though, was getting to see that broken step come back and almost take someone out – I have to wonder if it will ever get fixed.  Perhaps we’ll get an episode where Phil sets out to do so, and gets distracted by everything else along the way.

Cam and Gloria took the prize for me last night, though.  If I had only seen Cam’s awkward, “I wish that tart would go back to Columbia and take her weird Brown friend with her” followed by repetition upon repetition of “your people” (and his accompanying panicked face as he realizes that’s what he’s saying), I think I would have been satisfied by this episode.  We’ve dealt a lot with weird things families say to each other inadvertently along the lines of sexual difference, but this one really took the prize for weird things families could say to each other inadvertently along the lines of racial difference.  And Cam executed it perfectly!

Seeing Cam and Gloria together made me think about other pairings we haven’t seen yet or in a while: Gloria and Claire, Gloria and Phil, Phil and Jay, Claire and Jay, Cam and Claire…it made me realize what endless combinations we’ve got set to go here, and I’m hoping to see some of them soon.  In fact, it made me realize that the guest stars we’ve had have almost always appeared in relation to one of the women (Benjamin Bratt, Minnie Driver, Kristen Sshaal), and I realized I’d like to see the ladies work on some family relationships outside of their spousal ones some time soon as well.

Manny was rocking it tonight – he takes tango lessons?! “If you don’t sweat, you’re not doing it right”.  And who says, “blammo” after zinging someone – an old man who usually spends his time playing canasta, that’s who!  The same old man who would say, “spin around cupcake, lemme see your caboose,” not an 11 year old kid.  Oh, he cracks me up!  Although Luke really came into his own too, especially with his foray into noise canceling headphones: “Everybody is stupid. Except me.  Haha.  I’m funny”.  Oof, Modern Family does well when it leans on the kids a little too!

Let me know what you thought Moth Chase readers – what funny lines did I miss?  What combos of characters would you like to see in future episodes?

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March 25, 2010 at 7:37 am

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