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Let’s Not Incentivize Murder

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This was a pretty great episode.  We got back to some basics with a focus on the whole staff, the relationship between Michael and Dwight, and even Jim and Pam were both doing what they do best – both negotiating the strangeness of office politics in their own uniquely skilled ways!  Tonight’s episode focused on the rift between the sales crew and the rest of the staff, but the heart-warming moments really came to the fore with a couple of couples, each finding love in the end.

The sales staff was particularly brutal tonight, especially Phyllis – remember when she used to be all timid and meek?  She’s kind of a harsh jerk now!  And I don’t think this feud is over yet.  When the sales staff smiled smugly at the accountants et al accepting the delectable treat offering without ever hearing the 2% pitch, I wondered how long it would be until that sense of superiority came back to bite them on their asses.

But let’s talk about tonight’s first sweet couple.  Dwight’s bitterness toward Michael has been building for some time and it really came out tonight.  When he angrily quipped, “you couldn’t handle my full attention” I was reminded how many times Michael quickly tired of Dwight’s overtures at friendship, and as the two found themselves on somewhat equal footing (finding a bean bag seat and a pretty awesome throne-type chair), I hoped that we were seeing a new version of their strange, strange friendship blossoming.

But it was the second couple of the night who captured my heart.  Thank God our dvr’ing of 30 Rock caught the closer to the show that it cut off from The Office recording, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to see Erin and Andy’s adorable first kiss (and his even more adorable, “roo di doo do”).  Their ‘hot and cold’ game of ‘lower…lower’ had me squealing in my seat.  And when he texted her as Jim texted Pam, her answer that everyone loves seashells from faraway beaches was so sweetly simple that I’m hoping the ever-aware Andy works that info into a date sometime soon. (Oh, and what is Pam’s obsession with i-pods? I feel this is a re-occurring theme that began with Roy’s and Jim’s secret santa gifts, has continued throughout her relationship with Jim and kept on going last week and this.).  I’m so glad they didn’t make us wait forever for Andy and Erin to hook up – it’s gone at a good pace and it’s kept the audience in the loop in a way that Jim and Pam, and even Tim and Dawn (from the British Office) never quite did.  I’ve got good hopes for these crazy kids.

Some favourite moments: Dwight’s insane speech about competing with Jesus to be the King of Kings; Darryl, everything Darryl, especially his straight-faced delivery of the line about the sales staff crushing Michael’s sandwich, “all of them together – it’s a conspiracy”; and Rainn Wilson’s constant willingness to mock his own appearance as Dwight moaned, “there’s nothing I can do about my wide set eyes”.

And then of course there’s the ongoing humour of fashion – we’ve had Ryan’s stabs at unintentionally funny outfits with funky glasses and skinny scarves/ties, but tonight we inexplicably had Creed with an awesome pair of old-man/hipster lenses.  It’s these little details that rock the show!

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March 18, 2010 at 10:18 pm

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