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Adultaraisin Ice Cream and the Dangers of Bookreading

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This was a great episode dealing with an old 30 Rock theme: should we or should we not settle?  For Liz, of course, she had to decide whether or not to settle for mediocre (sort of sexy British, Tony Blairish – he has played him twice) Wesley Snipes (seriously, he’s right about that name!).  And For Jack, the decision came down to whether or not to go gently into the dark night of corporate security/obscurity.  Amazingly the answer to both: porn for women!  And come on dear friends, how often does that turn out to be the solution to life’s problems!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this storyline with the future husband/wife duo from the dentist’s office.  Between the “gangway for footcycle” and Hot Tub Time Machine (yeah, I kinda wanna see it too), I started to wonder if they really were ‘settling soulmates’.  I’m so glad that Wesley will be coming back for sweeps in May, although I’m hoping more for network ratings than any form of British house cleaning!  Because after all, Liz’s Sims family isn’t going to murder itself…and so a little time away from their inept creator while she’s on a date might do them some good!  At the very least, it would be nice for her to have someone to play monopoly with – even though I tend to think that playing monopoly alone is perhaps the most hilarious metaphor for  loneliness that I’ve ever heard!

How great to learn Jack ‘the master bater’ Donaghy’s nickname in an episode when both his woes and his triumphs centered on pornography!  This rise and fall and rise again of the American businessman has been a fantastic theme this season, and how better to work out our trauma around our country’s economic woes than through the chance to root for our most beloved corporate fat cat.

Some of the best moments, as usual, were the small details though – the opening Philly snowball fight vs. the Boston batteries (go Red Sox!) and hilarious derision of LA and its Legoland; Wesley’s description of God as a poignant “She” to feminist Liz’s eyeroll; that blind woman Tracy didn’t have sex with in the business class bathroom of the Acela Express; Jenna eating Babe the pig; and the Episcopal Cryogenic Freezing Service (and btw, I was watching the episode with two Episcopal friends – I think they might have been the two loudest laughers in America at that moment!).

On that last one, I sometimes wonder how the religious jokes on 30 Rock play for the bulk of the audience who, unlike me, didn’t spend three years in Seminary.  Episcopalians, Unitarians, fans of Cornell West and the New School, and those who appreciate the feminine Divine have all been mocked.  While so many other tv shows take their religious stabs at the religious right, 30 Rock aims its lasers squarely on the liberal wings of the church.  These jokes feel tailor made for me and my theological colleagues – and they leave me wondering what other professions are getting bespoke humour that is flying straight over my head…thoughts, dear readers?  I’m curious to know!

And of course, what did I miss – what were your favourite moments?  This show moves so quickly it usually takes me 5 viewings to catch all the jokes!

Posted by Natalie

Written by themothchase

March 18, 2010 at 10:41 pm

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