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Oscar got the best of me – Big Love coming soon!!

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I stayed up way too late last night watching the Oscars (and winning my pool – even if it did mean voting against my heart and Meryl Streep) and I am sorry to say that I have not yet watched the stunning season finale of Big Love. I will do my best to watch over my lunch break, or this evening at the latest, and I cannot wait to get in on the conversations around the wiley Henricksons and the promise of a life-changing, show-changing finale.

In the meantime, let’s all take a moment for Kathryn Bigelow – first woman to win best director, and for an excellent war movie too.

Also, did anyone else feel like the Oscars were more random than ever? What was up with a three minute tribute to horror, the genre, and a long explanation of sound editing but not a single clip to illustrate cinematography? And can anyone explain why Barbara Streisand presented Best Director? Or why, of all the people they could have chosen to replace Heath Ledgar, they picked Robin Williams? And was it just me, or was the promised Martin/Baldwin combo somewhat of a let down? Let the Oscar debrief begin and check back soon for Big Love.

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March 8, 2010 at 8:34 am

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  1. I think it was fairly obvious why they had Streisand present Best Director. They were looking to have a female director of her stature present to what they hoped would be a female director winning. (How many other well-known American female directors are there in this country? Quick. Name a few that an average TV watcher would know. People didn’t even know Bigelow before the Hurt Locker runup.)

    Which is what happened.

    The academy was, it seems, betting on Bigelow to win.


    March 11, 2010 at 2:10 pm

  2. I agree with you Kathryn, Babs presenting? Outrage! There are amazing directors that are female, Nora Ephron directed this year, Penny Marshall, Nancy Meyers, Sophia Coppola… what is the last relevant thing she directed? Prince of Tides? They should have had somebody more current

    James p

    March 11, 2010 at 5:18 pm

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