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Taking 3 Breaths

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This episode kind of let us know what it was going to be up right up front with the title: Fears. And while some fears were obvious – the dark, spiders, roller coasters and human skeletal remains – others had a sweeter poignancy to them. Of course, I’m talking about Cam, Mitchell and Mommy here.

I loved that the producers brought back the pediatrician and that they brought her back for brunch; her Asianness, breasts, womb, lady bits and all! I loved it because it allowed Lilly’s first words to draw out a whole bunch of the boys’ insecurities. Of course, the two dads, no maternal figure fear was front and center. But we also got a glimpse of their white-guilt fear at raising an Asian baby. And more interestingly, we got a sense of the deeper connection between those two fears. We’ve seen that concern in Cam before – that his daughter will miss out on her cultural heritage because he wanted a daughter in the first place. But I’m sure all parents have similar fears whether they’ve birthed their kids themselves or adopted them. Dr. Muira is right: that kind of self-searching love is a gift to a kid, which is what made it so delightful that Lilly was really connecting to a random doll left at the house by two lesbians who couldn’t fit everything they needed onto their motorcycle

I really do love Mitchell and Cam. They’ve got great chemistry together. They make sense. They accept each other for who they are and always seem to hope the best for each other. The plotlines don’t need to require any over the top drama or familial exclusion based on sexuality. Nor do they require any over the top melodramatic versions of acceptance. They’re just honest, insightful and damn funny forays into same-sex marriage and family life together. So I’m glad they dealt with this two-daddy issue head on. Their care was sweet and warranted without ever touching on moralism or the need to make a point. Their sheer joy at realizing the Mommy was coming from the doll and not any deep-seated need for a maternal Asian figure was lovely. And ok, so Cam twirling Mitchell did spring a tear to my eye – I’m a sucker for some sweet, lovey boy on boy twirling!

Second only to the line about breasts and lady parts for me was Gloria to Manny: “Now your eyebrows have grown back and your salmon is legendary”. And how cute was Manny’s little fisherman outfit – that kid continues to crack me up, even if his greatest fear is something as morbid as dying alone. And poor Haley reminded me of my own failed driving test when I hit the curb so hard during the parallel park the mean dmv lady grabbed the window frame and shouted out in her own version of fear. Watching Claire’s fear as Haley backed out the driveway sent a little shiver of guilt through me thinking about the first time I took out my parents’ Ford Explorer to pick up a friend and totally speeded irresponsibly on my way to his house! And I had to sigh a sigh of relief for Alex that she apparently got asked to dance (even if I spent my own 7th grade dances waiting on the sidelines!).

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March 4, 2010 at 9:12 am

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