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Suck it Up, Jim and Pam – part 2

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Wow, tonight’s episode was painful to watch!  There came a moment (right after Pam accidentally fed that other woman’s baby) where I was cringing so painfully that I started to realize I’d felt that feeling before…it was the same feeling I had in season 2 of the British Office when David Brent was working the night-clubs and that horrible girl threw the drink on him.  Nowhere near funny, it just hurt to watch.  But in the end, this couldn’t come close to the payoff you get with the British Office!  In the end, I just hated Pam more and more.

This utter, angry frustration with female characters is something Kathryn and I have discussed before, particularly with regards to Dexter’s Rita and Glee’s Terri.  I get frustrated with myself for hating the women so much – I’m a feminist; I love women; I’m supposed to take their side.  But it feels like so many of our shows have these female characters who are just deplorable.  Ok, so Pam was scared to give birth and be a mother.  Who isn’t?!  But that whole refusal to go to the hospital (to swing an extra night!) and hang around the office all day long was pissing me off more and more with each second that passed.  Who does that?!  Her water breaks and she still hangs out for a feast with Kevin…and she hides the state of her contractions from the father of the baby!  And then she wants to swing by the house to pick up her i-pod!!!  I’m getting angry just thinking about it again.

And Jim’s not that much better.  There’s no partnership going on here – Pam bosses him around and he just does what she says.  I don’t want him to be the kind of man who tells his woman how it is – I’m not calling for some return to caveman chauvinism.  But please, get a spine!  Respecting your wife doesn’t mean letting her winge her way into getting whatever she wants all the time no matter how ludicrous.  That’s not how you treat a woman – that’s how you treat a child.  And I’m dead tired of watching that kind of crap.  And please, the whole getting jealous over the lactation nurse was just stupid – do you want your kid to feed or not?  What kind of stupid teenage boy is he that he can’t handle his wife getting much needed help from a trained, medical professional?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Suck it Up Jim and Pam!

Ok, so why do I keep watching The Office if I’m so pissed at it?  Urgh, because the other characters are absolutely brilliant!  Michael is hilariously inappropriate, and I loved watching him get busted on it tonight – he went somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be, and he paid for it with a sight that requires a good eye-washing and a erasing the memory of one hairy baby.  Plus he coined the term, insurmountainable, which I swear I’m going to work into a sentence (besides this one) before the week is out.  Dwight and Angela’s baby scheming was a great throwback to a story that has remained dormant for too long.  Creed’s sweet face as the Halperts rolled out of the Office was priceless.  Meredith’s “like Clooney” made me roar out load.  And we can’t forget all their attempts to distract Pam: Andy’s evolution of the dance, Ryan’s poetry about his detritus home (complete with artsy shirt, glasses and scarf), and Erin’s recitation of the Kentucky Derby winners year by year by year.

At this point Andy is working his tail off to hold the show together – from “speaking as a former baby” to his baby gift switch out to the headline “Scranton Strangler Strikes Again,” he had me in stitches.  But I think Kevin took my favourite line of the night by listing all the Hollywood-themed foods for their feast – rataouille from Ratatouille, tandoori chicken from Born into Brothels (subtle and brilliant!), and an attempt at that pie with the arm from District 9.  Ok, it’s actually a toss up between that line and Oscar’s deadpan suggestion to Michael to leave the dictionary at home because the hospital will have one…but perhaps take a thesaurus.

This show is infinitely better when they take the focus off of Jim and Pam.  It’s great having these random funny one-off lines and moments from other characters, but the show was so much greater when we also had real storylines for those other characters.  Angela is pretty much window dressing now, and whatever happened to that cute boy from the warehouse that Oscar was getting set up with…and where the flip is Darryl?!

I’m hoping for a long parental leave for the Halperts so we can get back to what is funny!

Posted by Natalie

Written by themothchase

March 4, 2010 at 10:46 pm

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  1. I am with you Natalie. The Pam/Jim story line is so awkward, yet they continue to build it at the expense of other interesting characters on the show (like Andy). Yes, Andy seems to hold the show together, but they barely give him, the most interesting character on the show, any time. But instead they bore us with Pam’s baby delivery.
    I even felt like we were getting lectured last night over health care reform in an underhanded way when Jim mentioned about the two day limit on a hospital stay for maternity. It just seemed odd coming from him on multiple occasions.
    I finally had to change the channel after ½ hour and watch an old Seinfeld re-run. I have the remainder of The Office taped, but don’t think I can stand to watch it.
    It’s interesting that most women I know don’t really like the office. Do the writers really think the viewing demographic wants to see a weak, whinny Pam deliver a baby? They’ve been hyping up the show since the start of the Olympics.
    I think NBC is a hurting unit right now. Their shows are failing, even the good ones (The Office). I watched ‘Community’ last night and it was beyond horrible! After the Tonight Show mess, they put on Jerry Seinfeld’s new show, “The Marriage Councilor”. I love Seinfeld, but that show just won’t cut it. Watching celebrities roast couples with odd problems is only good for a few shows. Not an evening slot ratings saver.

    I hope the writers of the office can turn things around. But I won’t hold my breath…


    March 5, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    • Pam was scared. Jim was scared. Pam wasn’t trying to be a super woman…she was afraid of becoming a mom. Jim was scared too…that is why they wanted the extra night in the hospital. They were both scared.

      My husband and I enjoyed this one. It brought back great memories of when our daughter was born.


      March 5, 2010 at 5:37 pm

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