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30 Rock’s Winter Madness

Maybe its just because I am currently suffering through the doldrums of a New York winter (how is it fair that a city with so many tall buildings and such comprehensive smog coverage still gets whipped to shreds by the biting winter wind?), but I loved the mild insanity the weather caused our cast and staff of TGS last night. The only thing worse than being in New York in late January, is being Boston (“even though Will Smith never wrote any raps about it the poet Robert Lowell lived there”). Unless of course you are Jack, hoping to speed up the divorce of your arm-punching high school sweetheart.

The affects of Seasonal Affective Disorder led to all kinds of minor humor – Kenneth’s supposed snappiness, which turns out not to be much different than his usual behavior, everyone throwing things at Lutz for choosing Subway for lunch, the petty fights over sharing rooms, and Liz’s twisted attempt to direct frustration toward a not-so-fictional NBC executive. Disgusting as it was, and so sad for pour Snitterman, I loved watching Liz pass on her woes to a scapegoat. Delusional and unfair, it really did unite the team and it was delightful to see Liz at the head of her team, instead of the butt of their jokes.

The real thrust of the show, however, was Jack’s romance with Nancy. I have to admit, I’m not entirely sure what I want to happen here. I love Julianne Moore, and while I could take or leave her accent, I love the way she brings out the innocent, boyish Jack and the way she promises to keep him in line. But somehow I’m not sure I really want them to end up together. Nor do I know how I want it all to implode. I worry, quite selfishly, that something like romantic happiness will take the edge off the Jack we all love. I suppose that is the problem with all these characters, we come to love them all in their imperfections and it is hard to know if real growth or real changes would make them less lovable, or at least less strange. Then again, change itself can be a hilarious thing to watch. As Jack says, “I’ll wait. Not forever” to see.

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Written by themothchase

January 22, 2010 at 12:58 pm

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