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I haven’t really gotten into the bash-30 Rock frenzy of the season so far, though I will concur that this season has been a lot more touch and go than earlier seasons. Last night, however, was just fantastic! I laughed in genuine delight consistently throughout the episode and I felt like we were watching the characters in all their shallow, two-dimensional glory, shine. Perhaps my favorite, slid-by moment was the high def camera gag revealing Pete as a shriveled naked man. Why naked? I don’t know. But it so worked!And Liz’s ultimately truncated journey from writer to performer was actually incredibly funny, even if I could have done without the Gollum-esque split personality speech at the end. What made that whole storyline work for me was the way it actually built on the last few episodes, where we have watched the show hone in on the Jack/Liz relationship. In the end it is about Jack making money and not losing face in a showdown with Devon Banks: Jack’s most convincing and effective speech is when he finally appeals to “old Liz” to talk some sense into “performer Liz” so that he can make some cash. His awkwardness around performer Liz and his uncertainty how to relate to her only drove home how much he thinks of old Liz as an equal and collaborator. Her devolution into a Jenna-like character upsets the balance of their relationship, and in the end restoring that balance is more important to both of them than successfully launching “Dealbreakers.”

We learned more about the precarious balance of relationships in the Frank-becomes-Liz side story. The looks of genuine humor, delight, and derision on the faces of the other writers when Frank comes in wearing a cardigan and square glasses, spouting angry rants at his co-workers about their irresponsibility mirrored my own. The moment successfully made fun of Liz, Frank, the whole writers block, while at the same time highlighting the genuine stresses of responsibility that drive Liz’s personality and make her the successful counter-weight to Jack.

Perhaps my favorite line from the episode: “That’s why people come to Yakov’s Nubian Bling Explosion.”

This is how I cry now.

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Written by themothchase

December 4, 2009 at 12:00 pm

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