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What is it I love about Michael seeking love so much?  Even though he totally screwed those kids over and couldn’t take responsibility for his actions, I still found him sweet and I wanted good for him.  And it’s not because there’s a silver lining to his foolishness.  It’s not because his promise did good despite his failure.  And while I really like the hope that Michael inspires with these forms of promise and inspiration – to the kids, to Kevin and now to Erin – I don’t think it’s that.

Here’s what it is: what I love when Michael does these things is his own blind optimism; the state of his own sweet little heart.  When Michael seeks love with these silly empty promises, he’s doing something we all do.  And sure, I try to follow through on my promises, but Michael reminds me that even my best acts of altruism aren’t really done for others.  If I’m really honest, I probably do my best acts of altruism because of how they make me feel.  And what they make me feel is loved, important and like my life in this world matters.  If I’m truly honest with myself, that’s probably why I do good things more than any other reason…because I’m optimistic (and sometimes foolish) enough to think that I can make a difference.

Ok, so I generally follow through – but at root, Michael and I share that same motivation, that same desire and that same hope when we promise good to another.  Michael – for whatever misguided reason – really thought he was going to come through on his promise.  He really thought he was going to be able to pay for those kids to go to school.  He thought he was going to be millionaire, if not by 30 years old, by 40.  His failing them was really just an extension of him failing himself.  And I guess if I thought I could give someone something and then it turned out I couldn’t…well, I guess I’d want someone to cut me a little slack too.  I guess I’d want whoever was watching me to think, oh well at least she tried.

So, still awful, still cringe-worthy, still absolutely painful to watch.  But it’s awful, cringe-worthy and painful to watch because we all know we’re just a couple of steps away from being Michael.  Certainly Jim has proven that!

Now, on to Jim.  First of all, how did the office folks not see what was going on?  Obviously Jim wouldn’t do that.  Sometimes when they start their village-round-up witch hunt party tactics in that office, I immediately want to take the side of whoever they’re rounding up against.  And tonight it was Jim – poor Jim, so pathetic that even his wife grimaced when he declared that everyone was an employee of the month in his heart.  Some point soon, Pam’s going to realize that she’s married Michael, and I’m pretty excited to see the look on her face on that day.

Great moments: Dwight’s, “in an ideal world all ten fingers would be on my left hand so my right hand is just for punching” – really, who thinks like that?!?  Dwight just gets better and better!  The kids singing “watcha gonna do when our dreams come true” to the tune of “watcha gonna do when we come for you,” which is precisely what they are doing – lovely spin!  Michael’s, “some people have evil dreams; some people have selfish dreams…or wet dreams”.  No comment necessary on that one.  And of course, Dwight impersonating Kevin, Stanley and Toby with the little head scratch to perfect the Toby image – genius detail!

Now to watch Ryan and Dwight join forces on their diabolical plan…this should be good!

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Written by themothchase

December 3, 2009 at 11:16 pm

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