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The Coolest Guy in High School

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I loved this episode because inasmuch as we all think of Hank as the anti-hero, we met a fallen anti-hero this week in Hank’s old buddy Zloz.  For how terrible all his pick up lines were, they weren’t that much worse than Hank’s.  Even the ‘last time on Californication’ bit at the beginning of the show reminded us that Hank, too, has uttered references to his ‘hardness’ as an effort to pick up a lady. And as my husband so often points out to me every week as I stare doe-eyed at the Duchovny-filled screen, I wouldn’t be so charmed by Hank’s sexism if he weren’t so darn good-looking.

 And so we get to imagine what Hank looks like in bad jeans, a terrible elastic-waisted jacket and a bad haircut…what Hank circa 1987 supposedly looked like or aspired to be like.  Zloz had been Hank’s idol – the guy everyone wanted to be who’d landed with the girl every guy wanted to bed.  In the end what we see is that Zloz made the decision Hank always regrets not making – he married the girl back in the day.  And so in a strange way, we find that Hank is still a little jealous of Zloz because Zloz has the girl to go home to.  Despite appearances, it seems that Zloz is still the winner and Hank is, well, still the loser.

Until of course Karen comes back at the end.  And I’m so glad to have her! The moment when Hank and Karen both turn to Becca to say ‘shut-up’ at the same time is perhaps the most responsible thing we’ve ever seen them do together.  And Karen’s under-the-breath mumbling to Hank immediately following was so perfectly executed it made me as thrilled as old Hank to see her return. The not-so-happy happy family has always relied on sweet little Becca to hold them together. I’m more than a little excited to see how the family bond is held with a much more teenage-angsty glue!

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Written by themothchase

October 26, 2009 at 10:07 am

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  1. Wish we got Californication!

    Valerie Stevenson

    October 29, 2009 at 10:59 am

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