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Crack an Egg on Your Head, Let the Yolk Run Down

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Ok, I’m going to try not to start every week with some rant about how annoying Jim and Pam have become – but the cold open this week only affirmed their new status.  Their inside jokes were once cute.  Then they became a little annoying, but at least we were all still in on them.  Now that they’re officially wed, though, it seems the twosome will have their jokes that only they get: “Frank and Beans” said in an annoying voice is only funny when you know what it means, and only annoying when you don’t know what it means (beyond the There’s Something About Mary reference, of course).  Michael’s character, Blind-guy-McSqueezy did, however, make up for it!  “The women in my improv class absolutely hate him. Honk honk.”  Thanks for saving the cold open, Michael!

But of course, Jim and Pam aren’t the only relationship in the show, and we had some stellar plays on old twosomes who offer better laughs.  Ryan is the one to watch this season as his background moves and passing comments are always hilarious.  He just can’t resist the lovely (and crazy) Kelly Kapoor and their exchange over the fedora was priceless, ending in her gushy-eyed admiration at his mallard-negotiation only for him to pocket the cash and ask for $3 more.  A new rivalry developing between Pam and Erin played out over candy was also lovely, and I look forward to seeing the ever-sweet Erin make Pam’s life a little less smooth.  And Jim and Dwight’s rivalry continued with Dwight coming out on top – how brilliant that he used an actual decoy as his decoy.

The best relationship of all, without a doubt, though was Michael and Pam’s mum!  Even as I could empathize with Pam’s position, her childish tantrum in the meeting room made me cringe – as every good episode of The Office should make you do at some point.  You had to feel her pain as recognition dawned on her face as to who Michael’s new lover was and her poor voice just whimpered, “who, Michael…who?”  And Michael’s threat to “start dating her even harder” was creepy and perfectly on target.  We all saw it coming in the wedding episode, but it fell to the back of our minds: way to bring it back with full force, Office.  Can’t wait to see where you take it!

Other great moments: Creed – still my favourite most under-rated character – crying like a baby to the opera.  That guy has depths we don’t even know!  Meredith suggesting a mural of Chicano leaders as a gift to the community.  Michael insisting he has lots of female friends, including his mum and that whatsherface from Quiznos who he sees four times a week.  And my favourite: Dwight giving Michael a back-rub using that song, “Crack and egg on your head, let the yolk run down…Stick a knife in your back, let the blood gush down.”  I think I had forgotten that little insanely creepy childhood ditty until last night! It was a great reminder that The Office is, as ever, full of weird, childish and slightly surreal games.

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Written by themothchase

October 23, 2009 at 9:45 am

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  1. I’ve railed on Jim and Pam’s cutesy-poo-ness to no end in my reviews. I went light on them this time, mostly because I think it’s a nice counterpoint that Jim is so scared of moody Pam; so they’re not so perfect after all. I’ve got some nice screencaps if you care to gander…

    October 23, 2009 at 8:08 pm

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