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Vampire, Meet Thy Maker

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The best revelation yet – Katherine is a vampire! I would have settled for a little bratty and self-absorbed but seeing her fangs was a bonus I did not see coming. Of course, the question now is where is she – surely she is still undead out there? Now that Vicki is a vampire, do we think there is any chance that we’ll see a female vampire rival fraction? Since Katherine is played by Elena, her return would be a fantastic externalization of the two sides of Elena we are beginning to see develop.

The whole idea of a female vampire maker is worth a post of its own (think about what chaos it causes in Bill Compton’s life in True Blood). There is something nefariously wonderful about a woman with fangs who plays life and death games with the men she finds most intriguing. But Lorena on True Blood comes across as a bit unstable and needy, so I hope we get to see more of Katherine and that she gets at least a fraction of the sassy screen time as Damon, who is the only other maker we’ve seen so far.

So let’s talk about Vicki post-transition. Good call, Natalie, on seeing her vampire-in-the-making possibility. I can’t wait to see what they end up doing with her, though I am a bit worried that she will function mostly as a child-figure in the battle between Stefan and Damon – which one can influence her upbringing more? But I look forward to seeing her let loose on the town – on Halloween nonetheless.

But what I am most excited to see is the possibility that the town’s teenagers will join forces as another kind of communal peace-keeping squad. Now that one of their own is a vampire, are they going to protect her from the town’s vigilantes? What better way to apotheosize the teenage self-sufficiency that has been running through the show so far. And we really have to get Bonnie back in the mix (why does she keep coming in and out of view?) – they are surely going to need a budding witch if they stand a chance taking on two rogue vampires and a vampire-hunting society.

I can’t wait to see all hell break loose…

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Written by themothchase

October 16, 2009 at 10:05 am

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